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*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

My blog is 3 weeks old today! Wow, time flies by! I have 6 followers (at the time I was typing this), a little cult that I am so proud of. Unlike Conan O'Brien who had his followers from the Late Show to the Tonight Show, I didn't expect anyone to read my blog from Makeupalley since I liked (like) obscure lines. In fact, if I were a TV show, I would be canceled by now.

I understand that my blog doesn't contain the products like MAC, Chantecaille, Shiseido, Bobbi Brown, Guerlain, etc. I can't thrill readers with the latest collection of colors. Some people might get annoyed that I don't suggest the usual brands on Makeupalley. "I can't get the brands you suggest readily," they might think. Yeah, you're right, I found it frustrating in my time too because I had no internet to buy from an etailer. I actually did it the old fashioned way and called up via a landline, a makeup supply store or theatrical supply store, and I had to drive or take public transportation to that store and hand them cash! What started all this obscurity exploration? It started way back in the 1980's with a friend.

Yes, it was the outrageous 80's well living in it I didn't think it was outrageous but looking back the fashion was enough to make anyone laugh! I was working at a fashion show in London. I wore the latest cosmetic counter brands and such and felt special! I wore the expensive brands of cosmetics on my face!!! I felt good!!! I felt I had my makeup ego in gear, riding the cool train of total hipness! *Adjusts shoulder pads* Yes, until someone said my makeup was too bland! What? I am wearing the latest color collection from YSL and using Helena Rubinstein skincare!!! How DARE you say my makeup is bland?! "This makeup artist is a fool himself," I thought. I snickered and sneered, well not to his face; but I wanted to. I knew he knew I wanted to kick him where it hurt but instead, he gave me this container with a quad of colors in it.

Yeah, wow, right... was all I could think of when I saw this white screw top container with the brightest and weirdest combination of colors: medium plum, charcoal blue, burnt coral, and fire "hurt my eyes" red. Ben Nye Burns and Blisters wheel! WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!! Burns and blisters? What kind of makeup are you giving me? This is an ugly container. It has no mirror. It is a screw top. I want to spend money on the chi chi lines with the gorgeous airbrushed models in their ads!! Don't give me this wheel of SFX cream. "Play with it." He told me. "The colors work great as cheek, eye, and lip color!" Say wha????

So, I played with my little wheel of color like a bear playing with some little toy in a zoo. I smeared the various colors on my face. I smeared way too much and did end up looking all burned and blistered. I washed my face to try again. This time I dipped the tip of my lip brush into the fire red, slowly spreading the color on my lips. With every stroke, I saw how saturated the color was, it was the red that you see in photo retouched pictures in the magazines. The depth and saturation just mesmerized me when I looked at my newly lacquered red lips. They were intense! I wiped my lips and tried the plum then the coral. Very Intense!!! The blue I tried on as my eyeliner and as a smoky eye base. I was pretty impressed!! Pro stuff is awesome but did I stick with it?

No, in between that time, I wanted to explore the other cosmetic counter lines. The vast territory of makeup was changing, newer lines were being introduced like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Stila, etc., into the usual lines of Borghese, Alexander de Markoff, Estee Lauder, etc. The makeup lines were catering to the younger and hip crowd! Oh wow! ME!!!!

So, yes I did stray, (and I got older and wiser, I hope) but I never forgot that Ben Nye Burns and Blister wheel. My first touch with pro makeup. I let it go because I didn't understand how to use it well! And, that is where the fault lies in any makeup whether it is pro or cosmetic. The need to understand.

This is why I am writing about pro lines and obscure lines. They just need more play time since they don't have the usual flashy ads that guide you to play. You just learn via experimentation. And once you have gone past experimenting, you look back and realize that you have achieved an application technique that you thought you could never do with a product that many non-pros are afraid to touch.

And, as I sit here typing, I look back to three weeks before and realize, I can write a blog. I don't need many followers, I just need people to read and enjoy what I am writing or saying. At times, I may sound like a dictator, but I just want people to know that the lines I have tried are great and for you who haven't tried them, well I hope you get a chance to try them when you bump into them. And yes, crickets are chirping to the sound of my lip brush brushing against a palette of cream colors! At least, I (and the crickets) know that I am having fun!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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