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How I Apply OCC Lip Tars

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. >If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

OCC is a fun and friendly line when it comes to playing with the products. The sky is the limit and that is what I love. I don't have to think of color that won't show up because of unnecessary fillers. If I find the color is too saturated, I can always dilute. I won't have to worry about colors turning murky or oxidizing. And, I won't have to guess if what I see in the container will be like that on my face. It is all pure pigment.

The Product

Since, OCC Lip Tars are a pro product, don't apply it like a cosmetic counter product because this contains way more pigment, and you will end up blending it all the way down to your toes. It takes very little to enhance your looks, and it can take too much to destroy it, so start off with less then build up. (The following is just my technique on application, yours may differ.)

The Dots

The dot of color is enough for me to apply 2 coats on my lips. Yours may vary. I apply a few dots on the top and bottom lip then spread. If I only want that one layer of color then I just leave it. If I want to make it more intense, I apply another coat after the first coat dries a bit. Building up the layers is better than just applying just one thick layer. This prevents bleeding. Once the color has dried, I can apply some of the clear gloss on top.

BUT WAIT, WHY STOP THERE? I like to experiment and I read the warning: Due to peppermint oil content, Lip Tar is not recommended for use in the immediate eye area. To me this suggestion warning tells me to proceed with caution. I didn't see any skull and crossbones on my containers. And, I am still writing this blog, yes, still alive! I tried it as an eyeshadow paint. WOW, is all I can say! I actually didn't feel the peppermint oil as I applied the tars onto my eyes. In fact, I even used them as eyeliner and as a tightliner. But I suggest first that you test to make sure you aren't sensitive to it.

The Eye

In the picture above, I did a simple neutral eye for everyday wear. Yes, just because the Lip Tars come in many brilliant colors, it doesn't mean you have to end up looking like some lush clown after a 5 day drinking binge. Natural is possible. Here, I first prepped the lid with foundation to get rid of some of the discoloration, then I applied Uber Lip Tar (caramel brown) from lashline all the way to browbone but blending it more to thin it out at the browbone. Next, I applied Loose Colour Concentrate in Tesoro on the lid. As an eyeliner I made a mix of black purple and finished by applying a light blotting of no color powder to set it. Voila! An easy neutral eye look!

One more plus about Lip Tars is that the satin finish is somewhat similar to the finish of the skin. It looks like skin so when used as a blush, the glow looks like your own blood flowing through your cheeks. Yes, I uses blush too and top it off with a soft swipe of my Joe Blasco powder blush. I am in color play heaven!

Remember, just because it says "lip" tar, it doesn't mean it is just a lip product. It doesn't know that. The possibilities are endless with this product. I can mix the OCC Loose Colour Concentrates with not only with the clear but with the colored tars. I can mix, paint, play, swirl, do all the things I wanted to do with the tubes of water paints, and put them on my face! Lip Tars isn't just a lip product, it is the new nongreasypaints of the 21st century!

*Lip Tars can be removed with oil based remover or 70% to 99% alcohol.OCC can be found not only in the U.S. but around the world. So, don't lose hope!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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