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Joe Blasco Professional Brand Powder Blush

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

I love blush and it is too bad that I only have two cheeks to put it on. Well, really four but I don’t want my blush to finish that quickly. I recently got my hands on some Joe Blasco powder blushes. Since, I have a fondness for his foundations, the blushes were bound to find there way into my stash.

Joe Blasco makes blushes for every depth of skin tone, from the lightest to the darkest. He also makes colors that are wearable and natural in any light whether it be for streetwear or digital photography. The colors may look unexciting, yet then again Joe Blasco isn't a fashion makeup line. Don't underestimate these blushes because once on the skin, they become one with your skin tone. The blushes come in a metal pan encased in a screw top plastic container. Once depotted, the pans are the usual 36mm round pans which fit in the palettes that allow the large round ones or any freestyle palette like the Z Palettes.

Check out: The Ultamattes by Joe Blasco

The blushes range in price from $12USD to $15USD. They come in the following colors (descriptions according to Joe Blasco):

  • Adobe -medium sandy beige

  • Amber -pale, cream amber

  • Camber Mauve -medium peach-mauve

  • Chase -dark rose-orchid

  • Cinnamon -medium warm beige for medium skin toned men and women

  • Dance -muted pink, warm beige

  • Deepest Coral -darker version of Dance

  • Dust -pale, pinked lilac-orchid

  • Flamingo -pale peach-mauve for extra light women

  • Georgia Peach -medium, muted yellow-orange

  • Midnight Copper -deep warm brown for dark men and women

  • Morning -medium lilac orchid

  • Natural Cream -medium cream amber

  • Orchid -medium pinked orchid

  • Peach -light warm orange-beige for light to medium skin toned men and women

  • Puff -bright pinked orchid

  • Ramona -dark warm brown for very dark skin tones

  • Solé -pale, pinked warm beige

  • Sorbé -slightly iridescent coral, warm beige

  • Warm Cocoa -muted dusty rose

I only have a few of these, and I have to say that they are excellent blushes. How? The pigments are finely milled. They won't streak across the skin. Nor will they look like they sit on top of the skin. They blend into the skin which is probably due to Joe Blasco's vast knowledge on the undertones and different tones of skin. None of these blushes, although, pigmented will ever make you look unnatural or clown like. However, application techniques can change that! I also found out they will not oxidize on skin. The ingredients in which the pigments are blended with are in its pure and filtered form, allowing the pigments to stay true. There is no fancy current ingredients like anti-aging oils or futuristic ones like crocodile dung.

Basic Ingredients

Talc, Magnesium stearate, isostearyl neopentanoate, octyldodecyl stearoyl stearate, boron nitride, silica, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, ascorbyl palmitate. May contain: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, ultramarine, chromium hydroxide green, carmine, d&c red, 6 ba lake, d&c red 7, fd&c yellow 5 Al lake, d&C red27.

These ingredients are enough to keep the color on your face clear and long lasting. Also, don't only think of these as blush. They are safe to use on the eyes as eyeshadow and on the lips as lip color.

I have only ten colors and I am finding all the colors work on all skin tones. (Application is the only key to these blushes which will be covered in the next post.) As described above the colors are according to Joe Blasco which he is right on but I would like to go more in depth with the ones I have.

Amber, Natural Cream, &  Sorbé

  • Amber -This one looks like a creamed light peach that never really reaches a complete orange tone. The color is fantastic as a neutralizer for blue tones around the eyes. Swipe this color on (if you just don't feel like wearing cream concealer), then apply your regular eyeshadow right over it. Also a great highlighter for golden skin tones.

  • Natural Cream -This one is the medium toned version of amber. It is still a creamed peach color but just a bit darker so it blends in with the medium toned skin. Still fantastic as a neutralizer for blue undereye circles. And, a wonderful soft neutral nude blush. For dark skintones this can be a soft neutral eyeshadow base.

  • Sorbé -This is a softly golden shimmered coral peach with just that touch of brown to bring it towards a neutral rather than a brightly colored blush. This, so far, is the only shimmer blush that I have encountered in the Joe Blasco line. It isn’t as shimmery as the ones on the regular market so it is very forgiving on mature skin. As an eyeshadow, this comes out as a soft shimmery peach almost slight copper. Very summery and beachy!

Flamingo, Camber Mauve, & Morning

  • Flamingo -This is one of my favorite blushes. In fact, I think I have been searching for this blush for a long time. The description says it is a pale peach mauve. Woah, a peach and a mauve in the same pan! So, I looked at it and it looks more peach than mauve. That is only to the eye; on the skin that slight tinge of mauve does show up enough to give it a soft touch of natural blush to the cheek yet still have that peach warmth. Yes, it is pale so the porcelain skin tones can wear this as much as darker skin tones that can use this as a highlighter. It can also be as an eyeshadow however, the mauve may appear more. For some it can look like cried out eyes and on others it can look great, so just experiment.

  • Camber Mauve -This is the medium toned version of Flamingo. And, I adore this one too!

  • Morning -This is the blush that you want when you just want a natural cool toned one. This is more of a soft orchid pink that doesn’t scream contrast against warm skin tones. On cool skin tones this will add a touch of flush to the cheeks. On the lips, this will add that just bitten look. Soft, cool, and pleasing to the complexion.

Dance, Solé, Peach, & Ramona

  • Dance -This is one of the blush colors that is ubiquitous, the pink brown one. Wearable for most who want that neutral blush color. Works well as a neutral pink toned brown eyeshadow on dark skin.

  • Solé -This is another ubiquitous color, the pale pink with just a tinge of brown. This one has more pink than Dance. Adds just a soft touch of color to the cheeks for light to medium skin tones.

  • Peach -This is the color that is used for that “no makeup” makeup look. It is also used on men for that bit of natural male enhancing color. Yes, it is the Viagra of blushes for men with light to medium skintones. (For darker men’s skin tones, go for the Cinnamon.) The color is a neutral skin tone peach. When you want blush without looking flushed, this is the one to go for. In fact, it should be a staple in all kits.

  • Ramona -This is a dark warm brown. Since, it is a blush, it has the characteristics of a blush color by a slight tinge of rose which actually gives it some warmth, leaving less brown than it looks. This is made for dark skin tones as a blush or even a contour color, depending on application. Also, can be used as an eyeshadow.

The colors that I chose were the ones that I needed wanted. They all work on many skin tones, depending on how they are applied. And, the great thing about Joe Blasco blushes is that they are versatile. Stay tuned for the next post!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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