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Yaby Dabba Doo! Yaby Cosmetics Review

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

Yaby Cosmetics was developed by Toronto makeup artist Liz Yu. This is a line that caters to makeup artists with its customizable palettes and pans of color. Just because it is a makeup artist line that doesn't mean a regular civilian can't try and use this. I ended up getting some cake eyeliners and one eyeshadow. I know, "what a small haul." Believe me, I really don't need to add more makeup to my collection. I just buy what I want need.

Yaby Cosmetics Cake Eyeliners & Eyeshadow

First of all, the colors are packaged in a clear clam shell container. No pretty container for this line, and I don't mind, it saves the need to depot. Second, the cake eyeliners are in a small pan that measures 15.5mm and cost $4.25USD. (See pic for comparison.) I don't mind this either because eyeliners are hard to use up. The pearl eyeshadow I bought is the same size also which cost $2.99USD. Yes, they are small but when do you really use up an eyeshadow or cake eyeliner nowadays?


I bought 4 cake eyeliners: Hazel, Brown, Pewter, and Green. Hazel is a medium yellow brown, a good natural color for porcelain skin tones to medium skintones. Brown is the everyday dark brown, good for almost everyone. Pewter is a dark gray brown, great for someone who doesn't want the harshness of black and the boredom of brown. Also, great for someone with salt and pepper hair. Green is the grassy green of Spring, a nice fashionable touch when you want color. The one eyeshadow I bought is a shimmery apple green called Spring Garden.

I, honestly, have to say that I had trouble with the cake eyeliners. I think know it was my technique. I am used to just adding a drop of water and just using the tip of my eyeliner brush to mix and swirl blotting off the excess then apply. With Yaby, I noticed that I had to saturate the cake with water and I mean saturate leaving my brush soaked with color. I blotted but the color came out watery and diluted. One other way I use cake eyeliner is working it into a little paste in a little section of the pan. This one being so small, I use the entire pan to make a paste but the mixture is very similar to the watercolor cakes that you buy at art stores. I wasn't pleased with the product and myself.

Frustrated but I wasn't about to give up on this product. It had no instructions so I had to go with experimentation. After all, this is where makeup artists learn technique. Ok, so the makeup artist route had me scraping my cake (I usually scrape frosting off cake.) onto my stainless steel palette. (Makeup artist do this to avoid double dipping into their products, very hygienic.) Yaby makes palettes with the built-in stainless steel plate in all the palettes for this purpose. This turned out better. I made the color into a watery paste and dipped my brush, blotted then applied. I got a nice saturated line!


The eyeshadow (Spring Garden) is different. It is pigmented and can be applied wet or dry and will give a sheer wash of color to an extreme opaque finish. I can take it straight from the pan or scrape some off and apply.

I can say that both the eyeliner and eyeshadow exceed wear time than most cosmetic counter brands. They are pigmented and contain very little fillers (thus the small size). Fading is minimal but if you have dipped your face in a vat of oil before application, then it will wear off. The eyeliner is the product that I am not used to due to the texture when I mix it with water or any liquid (eyeliner sealer). I prefer a slightly thicker concoction than a watery one. I do blot but I blot for the purpose of removing the excess color from my brush than excess moisture. I am not saying this is a bad eyeliner, it just doesn't go with my method of application. Everyone is different and this could work for someone else. I do find, however, that the liners make a great line for the bottom lashline since it isn't harsh. It leaves that soft line of color that pencils give but without the waxiness.

Conclusion: Great product but my method of application doesn't go with the zen flow. Maybe, someday it will!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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