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Oh Si! Si! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: More Lip Tars!

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

I ignored resisted caved and bought some of the new OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tars. I really did hold off purchasing the new colors because I felt I didn't need them. I was doing well until I had a strawberry milkshake. I gazed at the soft creamy swirl and realized, "Hey, it looks like the Hush Lip Tar!" I took it as a sign (more like an excuse) to buy the tars!

Lip Tars

I bought five of the six new tars: Conquest-a creamy vanilla beige; Petty Beige-coffee milkshake brown; Fondue-dark chocolate (no red undertone); Hush-strawberry milkshake pink; and Botanical-wheat grass juice green. All of them with the exception of Botanical are such heavenly skin tone colors that they just find a niche in my makeup stash. A serene collection compared to the other intensely bright lip tars. What makes these great are not only are they skin tone colors but the versatility of them.

I don't think of these as only lip products but face colors. Conquest is a great highlighting color for anywhere on the face. Petty Beige is like the quintessential nude brown for the eyes; different from Uber which is darker yellow brown. Also, a soft contour color for the face on ghost white to porcelain complexions. Fondue is really a dark brown that has no redness. On the lips it looks like pure chocolate, on the eyes it provides depth. (It does stain slightly but easily removed with oil based cleanser.) Hush can be used as a brown or brown-grey neutralizer. If you have some brown spots or brown discoloration around the eyes. This one will neutralize them. It also makes a soft wonderful pink blush for days when you just want just a whisper of color. Botanical is green! If you have redness, this will make it disappear and due to its opacity; this can work on dark skin tones also. I also wished I had this for my watermelon lips!

The texture is oily at first. The oil is the vehicle that allows the pigments to glide onto the skin. There is peppermint oil in this but it is virtually undetectable. I have worn these as eyeshadow and haven't "felt" the peppermint. The oiliness may be a turn off for some. You can let it dry out by squirting a dot out first onto a stainless steel mixing palette, empty eyeshadow pan, or better yet if you go to your local hardware store; a ceramic bathroom tile makes a great mixing palette. Allowing the lip tar to dry out a bit allows the oiliness to disappear but still glides on easily when applied onto the skin. Remember, a little goes a long way so start with just a tiny dot then spread, stipple or buff into the skin, blot then top off with a no color powder if nothing else is to be used. You can apply other makeup on top to your liking, if you use Hush as a neutralizer, apply a concealer or your foundation on top to finish it off.

Stainless Steel Spatula & Palette

If you are using them to mix with other tars that you may find a bit too intense, the skintone group does soften a color to a wearable lip tone rather than just mute or darken them with the white and black. Here I mixed Katricia which is a very intense lavender. The first swatch is Katricia alone; the second is mixed with Conquest which changes it to a soft bubblegum pink; the third is mixed with Petty Beige making it a wearable pink laced with some brown; the fourth is mixed with Fondue and turns it into a vampy black cherry color; and the fifth one is mixed with Hush that makes a soft creamed pink.

Katricia Lip Tar

In conclusion, I find these Lip Tars so beautiful probably because my eyes just go crazy over nudes and skin tone colors with the exception of green which I can now use for my watermelon lips! I hope that someday, OCC will bring back their pressed eyeshadows in these colors. I know I will be hypnotized by them like their tars! *sighs deeply with awe*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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