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Philosophy - The Supernatural Coloring Book

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

I think I was PMS-ing when I was at the Philosophy counter because I bought a palette that my gut feelings told me not to buy even though I had a lemming for this product since it came out. I knew I would regret this purchase but I just made an excuse that it was for the purpose of makeup research.

The Supernatural

(What a stupid excuse!) I knew I wouldn't really like the product but the colors lured me in, then my friend's comment opened my eyes. What was the comment? He said, "You know those colors look like cat food." I have been influenced by the color of the cat food that I have been feeding my cats. I really need to stop feeding my cats OR just trust my gut!

First of all, I am in not any way saying that Philosophy is like cat food, nor am I stating that my cats are insulted by Philosophy. I am just making an honest observation of this palette. You don't have to agree with my review.

The Supernatural Coloring Book retails for $37.50 (USD). Honestly, the quality has gone down. If anyone remembers the first coloring book, it was a nice palette that held shadows and blushes the size of the average large round pan (36mm). That was discontinued and a smaller versions came out like the super jewels or something like that. There were about three or four palettes which were good quality. This one just lacks the quality in the pigments and the palette.


There are seven pans of color. The first row are four small pans the size are 20mm. This has two eyeshadows: Down to Earth-a soft taupe and Pure of Heart-soft ivory. The other two house lipglosses which have a slight tingle to them: Open Your Heart-very sheer wine stain and Reflect a Little-very sheer shimmery warm pink. The second row houses the blushes which are in the 26mm pans. True powder blush which is rose pink brown; Honest-a beige brown kinda like a bronzer; and Bare Your Soul-cream blush which is peach with just a touch of pink.

The colors are all talc free and paraben free which is nice. The texture of the powders feel slightly like a creamy powder; the lipglosses aren't sticky; and the cream blush doesn't feel slick. I have no use for this palette because it is like "The Emperor's New Clothes", I look like I have nothing on which I guess is why it is called the "super" natural palette as opposed to "supernatural" in the mystical sense. I don't even look mystical in this. Actually, I should just skip application altogether and save time for other things like sleeping in. The colors do not even photograph well on me or on paper. The swatches are the best I could do.

So, who can wear this? Someone who is ghost white to about fair. Any darker and it will just blend so well into the skin that it will disappear. Pigment is very sheer. It is a great palette for someone who is a makeup-phobe (who are these people?) or for a teen starting out in makeup because there is absolutely no learning curve which leaves me very bored.

Philosophy does have its strong points in their skincare and bath line but when it comes to color makeup it needs help.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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