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Il Makiage Eyeshadows and Blushes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.

There is a line that many people overlook nowadays since there are more lines that are competing for your attention, but the one line that I remember growing up in the 70's-80's while reading Vogue was Il Makiage. Ilana Harkavi created the "makeup artist" line in 1972 called Il Makiage.

Since then it has been featured in every fashion magazine and has touched the hands of many famous artists including everyone from Way Bandy to Francois Nars. In fact, the majority of Francois' kit contained Il Makiage before he had his own line. Il Makiage influenced more than the make up artist, it influenced Chanel; the color Chanel Vamp had been in the Il Makiage line long before it was hyped as Vamp. Whatever the color, Il Makiage probably had it first.

Il Makiage Colors

  • Serene Nude is a matte with a mix of a fleshtone and milky peach.

  • Ashwood is midtone matte mauve taupe brown that doesn't turn plum. Although, it doesn't look like it in the picture, it has enough brown in it to make it wearable on many skintones. This is a great alternative to the usual taupe. Gives the lid a tinge of coolness.

  • Brazilian Nut is a matte midtone neutral brown. This is another nice alternative to the usual taupe. Less ashy and wearable as just that hint of color on the orbital ridge.

  • Coffee is a midtone matte milky brown that has some peach undertones. The color can be used as base color for dark skintones and a midtone color for porcelain to medium skintones. It can also be used as a nude blush color on the face.

  • Grey Brown is just what it says it is; it is a dark ashy brown. Good brow color for brunettes or crease color for medium to medium dark skintones.

  • Light Brown is another every day neutral shadow that can be used on the eyes and face. The color is a midtone warm brown that has a slight burnt peach undertone to it. This is a color can be used as soft crease color on light to medium skintones and a base color for darker skintones. It can also be used as a bronzer.

  • Amber is a shimmery midtone golden burnt peach brown.

  • Wild Peach is a matte orange pumpkin. Looks scary in the pan but once on the skin the fright goes away. As an eyeshadow this adds some depth to the regular so called “peach” shadows. As a blush this adds a pop of warmth to the cheeks. Great for dark skintones. If you have dark brown eyes, a touch of this or even a heavy application will bring out the eyes.

  • Bride's Pink is really aptly named. It has that perfect flush of wedding day bliss, a soft coral pink. It is never too warm coral nor too cool pink, it stays in the middle while keeping both colors equally. The color works great on porcelain to medium dark skintones. On darker tones it would just add that soft skin glow of color or for more intensity use it wet.

  • Blush is a muted light to medium pink that can either be used as a blush or shadow. If you have some brownness on the lid, this can also be used as a neutralizing color. Just swipe this color onto the lid like a powder base then apply the color you want on top. I also like to use this to mix with eyeshadows that are too warm. It cools them down just enough to make them wearable with a cool toned eye look or to just cool them down. As a blush, this gives the a barely there soft pink glow and can also be used in conjunction with bronzers that are too warm. Just like eyeshadows, this can cool down a bronzer.

  • Blue Moon is a shimmery sky blue. It is blue and stays blue. It doesn’t lean towards grey or goes towards purple. This color goes well with neutrals because it is similar to the blue eyes of a Siamese cat. I use this to break up the monotony of neutrals and apply this on the eyelid for just a "pop" of color which looks wearable day into night. If you want more of an impact, apply this wet.

  • Mediterranean Opals is a shimmery medium heather.

  • Canal Violet like many purples disappoint me and I blame this on the size of the pigment. Something about their size just doesn't allow a smooth application. The color is a matte deep dark violet purple that never reaches black. It keeps its purple-ness.

  • Rosebud (nothing Citizen Kane about it) is a soft matte light to midtone lilac pink that never looks too lilac and never too pink, it stays in the middle. This makes a pretty shadow and blush. As an eyeshadow, I will use this with a soft brush and apply a soft wash on the lid or I will mix it with other colors like browns to cool them a bit. As a blush I will just apply a soft wash on the cheeks and as a corrector/neutralizer I would apply this anywhere that needs brightening then apply a neutral powder over it. Great for Asian (including Indian) skintones.

  • Lava is a very light pink almost a transparent white pink that doesn't look chalky. If you feel your eye area is a bit too warm naturally, this will counteract it without looking white. I use this one as a brow highlighter or eyeshadow base color depending on what other colors I am using.

Il Makiage pans are the size of the average large round pan (36mm) and are steel so if you have a magnetized palette, these will stick. No need for extra magnets. The texture is smooth and slightly creamy maybe due to the nylon-12 content. This also makes it easy to apply on mature lids. The pigmentation is saturated and controllable; anywhere from a sheer to opaque application is possible. Wet or dry is possible also. The shadows and blushes retail for $16USD, and there are also ready made palettes available. In fact, if you check the Il Makiage website, there are many items that you may have missed so check it out. A very underrated and overlooked line!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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