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Lakshmi Eye Kohls - Ayurvedic Eyeliners

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

Many people don't know about a German brand of ayurvedic eye kohls.  The brand is called Lakshmi and they have a very soothing waterline eyeliner made to moisturize and nourish the delicate waterline rather than irritate.

Lakshmi Ayurvedic Kohls

Limited Edition

Lakshmi is an ayurvedic line of cosmetics that makes 19 varieties of kohls even a colorless one for men. There is also a "cold" formula and regular. The cold formula has a natural camphor content of 2.6%-2.8% while the regular has 0.5%. Camphor has antibacterial properties and combats inflammation. Thus the clear is helpful for men or women with dry eyes, blepharitis, or just tired eyes. The rest of the ingredients are ayurvedic and organic which includes ghee (clarified butter) and organic waxes and oils. They do have a soft scent of butter but nothing overpowering and the camphor is virtually undetectable yet soothing on the eyes in the regular formula. These are lead free and are made in Germany. And, now there are four new limited edition colors: Anthrazit, Lavender, Mint, and Petrol.

Bought & Tried

I bought 4 Lakshmi Kajals (€19-22) in Dark Blue-a soft shimmery navy blue; Dark Green-a soft shimmery emerald green; Taupe-a soft shimmery medium brown with just a touch of aubergine; and Violet-a soft shimmery deep purple.


  • Great for sensitive eyes
  • Definitely, a true waterliner
  • Comes in many colors
  • Softly pigmented


  • Only sold in UK, Europe, and Canada
  • Softly pigmented

Yeah, softly pigmented goes on both lists. I first got these in Spring when the weather was warmer and the sunlight brighter. Then, I was so used to the dark and saturated black eye kohl look that I found these to be quite disappointing. I did not write a favorable review on MUA. Now, I find that that touch of color never overpowers the eyeshadows I wear. Also, the subtle color never makes the eyes look small. Do these last on the waterline? Since, this product does not have the usual hi-tech mix of polymers, the wear time can vary from person to person. The possibility of smearing and disappearing can occur, but proper prepping can make them last.


Since this is a ghee (clarified butter) based product, make sure your waterline is free your natural tears; (oil and water do not mix) wipe it dry with a kleenex first. Next, take the kajal and rub the tip on the back of your hand to take that coating off. You know how a pencil has that whitish coating when you first get it, sharpening it takes it off? This is the same. Before I apply onto the waterline, I do like to take the tip and warm it a bit between my thumb and finger for a more saturation of color. I just pull the lower lashline down and just rub it across the waterline. It is soft enough so it doesn't irritate, yet hard enough to keep its cone shape. Remember, that it isn't going to show up like an opaque pencil but more like a soft glow of color when the light hits your eyes. I do call these true water liners because they worked best in that area of the eye. I have tried them as eyeliners or even cream shadows but find them too soft and sheer.

I am glad I tried these again before purging. I usually purge after trying stuff each season. Sometimes what didn't work in the warm weather works in the cool and cold weather or vice versa. And if it doesn't work in any season then out the train case it goes. In this case, my eyes were so set on the dark waterlined look that the subtlety of color just didn't catch my eye, but now I see how pretty it can be that I might want to try more! Like I mentioned above, they are not widely available. I bought mine at Beauty Center Europe which is based in Germany and sends worldwide. Violey is another German site which sells these.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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