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Vincent Longo Eye Pencil Duos

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

Did anyone notice that Vincent Longo stuff is getting hard to find in brick and mortar stores? Or maybe it is at obscure places that I don't shop at, shame on me for not scouring those places but I will as soon as I clone myself. How can Sephora drop a line created by such a good looking dude?

Monsier Vincent Longo

I know many people were pleased at the ease of testing and buying his products there and now that row has been taken over by some other line. Well, if you do ever get a chance to try out his line, take a look at his Eye Duo Pencils ($26USD) which I hoarded. At the time there were 17 pencils but that could have changed. The only one missing in action is Cobalt/Aqua Teal which I can guess is a blue/greenish blue one. I don't know if I am the only one who thinks this but these seem to correspond with the Sun, Moon, Stars trio eyeshadows. Anyway, I could have applied them on my eyes to show how pretty they look, but after the Lakshmi Eye Kohls (yes, the pix may look alike but they were individually taken); my eyes were sore. So, all you get are swatches.

The Pencil Colors

  • Blue/Jay: shimmery navy/shimmery warm pink
  • Brown/Fawn Silk: flat cream dark brown (no yellow, red, or orange tones)/shimmery pale taupe
  • Brown Orofila/Golden Moss: shimmery bronze/shimmery olive green
  • Burgundy/Royal: soft warm shimmery burgundy/shimmery burnt orange
  • Cabaret/Urban Nights: flat creamy plum/shimmery charcoal with purple flecks
  • Goldie Locks/Snow White: shimmery golden white/shimmery white
  • Jet Black/Brown Black: flat creamy black/flat creamy charcoal brown
  • Knight Spell/Carnaby Pink: shimmery gunmetal grey with multi flecks of blue & green glimmer/shimmery pink beige
  • Lapis/Lazlu: shimmery clear blue (cyan)/shimmery grass green
  • Lime/Forest: shimmery lime green/shimmery army green
  • London Glimmer/Jet Black: dark metallic grey with multi flecks of glimmer/flat creamy black
  • Midnight/Smoke: creamy navy blue/creamy grey (very slight undertone of blue)
  • Raisin Carnet/Esmerelda: rich darkened plum/shimmery dark emerald green
  • Rich Topaz/Aura Chic: shimmery dusty champagne beige/dark shimmery chocolate brown
  • Sabine/Mystic: taupe grey with multicolor flecks of glimmer/blackened brown with a slight copper glimmer
  • Satin/Plum: shimmery sky blue/shimmery dark purple blue

The colors are beautifully clear and the shimmer and even the glitter specks are fine, making these wearable on mature eyes. If you are looking for more glitter and a showgirl look, skip these. But if you want something that will enhance your eyes and wearable day or night, look into these. These pencils do have a harder texture which allows for easy sharpening, but they aren't too hard where it hurts the delicate and sensitive area of the eyes. They can be used for eyelining, tightlining, waterlining and even as a base for shadows. These can be sharpen to a point to dot in between the lashes or left slightly dull for thick lashline to be smudged. Like all pencils these can smudge and maybe fade depending on your skin and how you prep your eye. Make sure that the area is free from oils and moisture before application, then apply.

I often like to stack the liners on the lashline. I place the darker color on the lashline and smudge then the lighter color right where the smudge ends, having two colors of eyeliners. One provides some depth while the other defines with color. Line with the darker color and use the lighter color to highlight the inner corner and/or outer corner of the eyes. Use the lighter color as a browbone highlighter, use the darker one to define the crease. So many uses for a dual ended pencil which makes them well worth hoarding!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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