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Face Brushes by Becca Cosmetics - Part 2

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I am making this Becca Brush posts sound like some mini-series. The posts are only two parts. I just didn't want to put all the pictures in one post and have you scroll down forever.

Like I said in my previous post, Soft Surroundings had some brushes for extreme sale and I bought some. The face brushes are all well made and gorgeous. Some have some variations, for example I bought the #40 Cheeks brush and the #41 powder/blush brush from Makeup.com and bought back-ups at Soft Surroundings. The #40 brush bought from Makeup.com looks more like the one at the Becca website while the one bought at Soft Surroundings is shaped just a tad differently, a bit less curved. The #41 brush from Makeup.com fluffed out more and has more hair while the one from Soft Surroundings is still fluffy but has just a bit less hair, making fluff out less. These are just variations in manufacturing.

All the pictures show the brushes after they have been washed. Compared to the pictures at the websites, some will fluff out more.

Becca Face Brushes 1

  • Becca Powder/Blush 15-This is made out of raccoon hair which compared to the blue squirrel is more firm since the diameter of the strand is thicker. It still is a soft brush, softer than pony or goat hair. The tip of the brush does not feel coarse so it won't feel like it is poking into the skin. The ferrule isn't round so it has some width to it. When I got it I thought it would be the perfect brush for bronzing but when I washed it, the hairs just flared out like a ballerina's tutu! I use this for whisking away face powder, though application of bronzer or blush is possible if you are looking for a less precise application.

  • Becca Cheeks brush 40-The hair is from a blue squirrel. Supposedly, shaved to join the Vegas act the Blue Squirrel Group. (Blue Man Group reference. Yes, bad joke!) The shape of the brush is a filbert. This means that the tip and the tapered sides are used to apply color. The color is applied by "licking" your face. Great brush to apply onto the apple and cheekbone.

Becca Face Brushes 2

  • Becca Powder/Blush 41-This one is also made out of blue squirrel and is a round brush with a domed tip. The size of it does make it a good powder brush or even a bronzer brush. It will apply a soft application and blend into the skin. I really couldn't use this as a blush brush because the tip is way too big for my cheeks. But, if you are the type that likes to apply blush with just the very tip of the brush for a soft color, this could work for you.

  • Becca Soft Contour 42-This one is another one made out of blue squirrel and it is heavenly. It is angled to sit right on the indent between the cheekbone and jaw muscles. The brush is firmly packed to allow a precise application of contour powder but also soft enough to blend preventing the look of stripes. You can use it as a blush brush also. Just because it says it is a soft contour, doesn't mean it has to be used as one. One luscious brush to consider!

  • Becca Double Cheek Contour 45-Blue squirrel hair brush with a flat top. It is a brush that can be used to apply bronzer, powder, blusher, etc.; but not exactly a brush for precision application of contouring products. Used more to buff away excess powder and blend in product.

  • Becca Half Moon 62-This is a mix of synthetic and goat hair. The white being the synthetic and the brown being the sturdier hair that supports it. Firmly packed making the synthetic bristles sturdier than some of the other brushes that are similar. This one can be used to apply a light shimmer to the face and body. Or it can be used to buff away powder. It is more of a brush that is like a broom, it sweeps powder on or off. You can use it to buff liquid foundation into the skin for a somewhat airbrushed "look" (finish).

Becca Face Brushes 3

These are the face brushes that I have from Becca so far and they are all excellent quality. The hair is high quality and will not break into small bits when applying makeup. The ferrule is sturdy and will not easily crimp. Some do have that initial shedding after the first wash but after use none. They all pick up powder pretty nicely and evenly. They are all worth a look if you ever run into this brand!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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