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Longcils Boncza Eye Makeup Pencils

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I am not sure if these are discontinued or maybe just really obscure but if you do run into these, here is what I think about them.  The types of pencils I have from Longcils Boncza, who also make a fabulous cake mascara are brow pencils, eye khols (waterliners), and eyeshadow pencils.

Longcilz Boncza Pencils

Brow Pencils

I have just two colors and they are Brun and Gris. Both are wax based that have a dry and hard texture to them, allowing a less than opaque color application. The colors are ash based which is fine for brow color but they also have an unusual tinge to them which makes them a bit unrealistic for brow color. The Brun has a tinge of red and the Gris although grey has a blue tinge to it. I tried blending both a bit with a brow brush but the weird undertone is still apparent. I would skip these pencils and just go for a regular drugstore brand if you are on a tight budget or just go on to something better.

Kohl Pencils

These are the basic pencils that are to be used on the waterline. They can also be used as eyeliner. The colors I have are Blanc-white; Noir-black; Pacific-marine blue; Vert-grass green; and Brun-medium dark brown with a bit of red.

Eyeliner & Kohls

I find these pencils hard in texture which can feel like poking a stick on the waterline. After, the initial shock of poking my eye, I find that I have to swipe it many times to get a dramatic color on my waterline. One swipe just leaves a slight color while many swipes leaves an opaque finish which I have to say lasts throughout the day. I know some people use a lighter to soften the pencil. I personally don't do that because I am a KLUTZ! And, I would like to have a house to come home to rather than burnt down by my stupidity to look fabulously waterlined! My conclusion would be to find a better pencil for waterlining because with technology today, there are better ones out there. Also, if you have a sensitive waterline or lashline, don't even think about these.

Eyeshadow Pencils


These are fat pencils which have a waxy but a slightly sticky texture. They can be used just like a crayon to draw color onto the lid and spread for a sheer application. Use these alone or as an eyeshadow base or on top of already shadow applied eyes for a touch of color or shimmer. Surprisingly, these pencils do have staying power. I have used these during the summer heat and they have worked well. I did, however, set it with no color powder (RCMA no color powder) for extra staying power.

Here is the list of colors:

  • Gris-shimmery gunmetal grey

  • Lavande-shimmery light blue violet

  • Marron Glace-shimmery chestnut brown

  • Tornade-(my favorite) shimmery blue with purple

  • Vert-shimmery jade

  • Amethyst-shimmery lavender

  • Azur-shimmery sky blue

  • Blanc-flat matte white

  • Bronze-shimmery antique bronze-leans towards a green bronze

  • Crepescule-shimmery grey purple

  • Elastique-matte yellow green

These are hard to find pencils, obviously probably not very popular. The ones to really look at are the chubby eyeshadow pencils. I would ignore the rest since they are a bit hard in texture to apply. Of course, if you are masochistic, then please go ahead and try them.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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