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My Ten Staples for Makeup

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Ten Staples

I haven't done a post for my best products of 2009 and I don't think I can because my mood changes as much as I change my underwear (which is everyday!!). So, I decided to do one on my staples, the products I reach for the most and don't have to think about. These are in no particular order.

The Products

1 - RCMA No Color Powder ($3 for 8oz)

Yes, without fail I use this powder all the time because it will set makeup without adding any color. Great to apply onto the eyes to set concealer and eyeshadow. If you do set your concealer, make sure you buff off the extra powder with a brush like Ve Neill's Buffer Brush to avoid any cakiness or gathering into the lines.

2 - Julie Hewett Hue Color Newsprint Bleu ($14/pot-$18/pan)

A nice alternative to the usual plain black. Can be used with a fine eyeliner brush to apply a very thin line just for definition. Or apply with a regular liner or shadow brush to smudge or use as base. It is a soft shimmery blue black. Can crease so make sure to set it with a no color powder like the one mentioned above!

3 - Hakansson Color 1+2 ($42USD)

I use this as my concealer/foundation. As a concealer it matches my skin perfectly when I mix the two and gets rid of any redness. As a foundation especially when in a hurry since it has an olive base to it, I can just really spot conceal on areas that need some help. Always moves with the skin and never looks like makeup, only my skin.

4 - LA Splash Cosmetics Splash Proof Sealer/Base ($6.99USD)

I got this at Ulta. I haven't used an eyeshadow base for awhile because Urban Decay had made my eyes itch and peel after prolonged use and some just didn't feel right. This one does a great job. I use this for my loose color pigments. I first dot some on my stainless steel palette and mix then apply. I also use it to mix with my concealer (Hakansson mentioned above). I could use it alone but when I mix it with my concealer, it gives it just enough staying power without the stickiness and dryness. Doesn't make the eyes look wrinkled.

5 - Joe Blasco Eye Pencil in Brown (approximately $10USD)

This also comes in black which I do have but find that I use the brown one more. This is like Joe Blasco Ultamattes but less pigmented compared to the ultamattes and more pigmented compared to other pencils. This one I like because it gives that perfect brown color that looks like that natural eye shadow under the lower lashline. Gives some depth to the creaseline without drawing attention to it. It is just that perfect brown that is found in many porcelain to medium skintones. Easy to work with too, just draw a line and smudge with a brush.

6 - Julie Hewett Bijou Lipstick in Biba ($20USD)

This is the lipstick I reach for to go with everything when I don't have time to think which has been a lot lately. The perfect nude to not look too nude and finishes a look.

7 - Julie Hewett Eyeshadow in Remy ($10USD)

This is a gorgeous eyeshadow and applies like a dream. Again, a color that goes with everything and any style- simple neutral to night time sexy. And, the perfect amount of shimmer for any age.

8 - Joe Blasco Blush in Camber Mauve ($12-$20USD)

This is the blush that I use the most because it goes with my skintone and again goes with any look. Looks peach in the pan but has that undertone of soft mauve which gives my olive skin a soft natural flush without looking to fake because the peach adds the perfect warmth. PERFECT!

9 - Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadow in #252 ($10)

I haven't reviewed this line. I will soon. My excuse is that I have many eyeshadows from this line and the review will have to be done in parts because too many to mention in one review.

Anyway, this line has over 200 shades of eyeshadows that come in many colors. The texture is smooth yet creamy and pigment is excellent. I have to say it surpasses the one company that everyone seems to be addicted to-you know starts with an "M".

No names for the colors, just numbers but this one is the perfect eyebase color for me. It isn't the highlighting color that just looks so bright in a picture thanks to the flash. It is a color that has a slight olive base to it (which is hard to find in light medium tone) which is neutral enough to go with everything. No shimmer or sparkle. Just a no nonsense skintone olive beige.

10 - Apple Mascara ($2-$3USD)

You either hate or like this mascara. I love it because I come from an old school crowd when mascara was piled on layer after layer. I came from a time when pumping the mascara wand was a necessity. Oh how I miss those days! :p This mascara I like because it matches my habit of application. I apply a coat of it then it dries. I apply another coat and it thickens and lengthens without flaking. Let it dry again and it thickens. I am the type that dries layers in between. For a smoother application, I take a mascara (fan) brush and spritz it with water and brush through my lashes. This way it smooths out the application a bit more. It also holds a curl which is a plus in my mascara book!

I know some of you may have tried this and said it was dry in the tube. Mine all have been good and wet, not wet as in liquidy but enough to easily glide onto the lashes without clumping.

These are my ten products that get the most use. As the year goes on, let's see if this changes!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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