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Mehron Foundations and Cream Color Makeup

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

If there ever were products that I wasn't thrilled with and found them hard to review because of a lack of interest, the Mehron foundations and cream products would be them. I got this stuff during the summer and waited (procrastinated) until winter to review. I thought I would change my mind and find the products wonderful to apply. Nope!

First and foremost, out of the many brands of pro or theatrical brands of foundations I have tried, Kryolan, Ben Nye, Graftobian, Joe Blasco, RCMA, Cinema Secrets and Mitsuyoshi (Japanese brand); this one is the greasiest one out of them all. The creams no matter if they are made for regular stage or Hi-Def, they are slick to apply and a lot of powder is needed to set them. This in turn will white out the foundation.

Let me explain more about them.

Celebré Professional Cream Make-Up $9.95

This one is supposedly the "next generation" in cream makeup. Claiming it contains no mineral oil. I can say it doesn't but I forget what the ingredients were since I threw away the box. The texture is liked whipped butter and it applies and feels like that, never really stopping or setting onto the skin. Sheering it out is easy because of its slippery texture but when stippled for more coverage, this stuff feels like cake frosting, never really settling on the skin unless massive amounts of powder is applied.

The colors are the other downside. I bought Light olive and Medium Light Olive since that is my skin tone. (And other colors out of curiosity.) In the container it looked like a perfect "olive" match. When applied, it just looked white. The olive-ness was gone. When I took a picture, I could see the line of demarcation on my neck! My neck was yellow and warm while the foundation rendered this pink mauve like base. Not really that visible but what I mean is the color was cooler in tone than what it appears to be. It really isn't camera friendly. And for color matching, since the color just white out, I thought of trying a darker one in the same family but after buying it in a different formula I decided against it.

HYPER-FORMANCE CreamBlend $9.95

This one is the grease stick one. It is pure grease paint and has so much slip that Crisco feels less slippery. You can see by the picture that I bought the olive versions again and they turned out darker yet when photographed the foundation still had that pink/mauve undertone. I bought other colors but they turned out ruddy or contained too much red.

Shado-Liner $4.95

This stuff is just a greasy cream that can be used anywhere on the face, particularly eyeshadow. As you can see by the picture which is the TAUPE color, it looks more of a mauve gray. A little goes a long way because it is so greasy that it never really stops on the skin. Setting it with powder just defeats the purpose of the color. If you want a true cream shadow/liner, Joe Blasco Ultamattes are the ones to use.

Celebré Professional Cream Make-Up-CONTOUR

I also bought the contour color but the color is too weird and off to use as a good contour because of the mauve undertone. It looks brown almost cocoa like in the container but on the skin it just turns into one of those weird tones that is probably reacting with the PH level of the skin. You know like those lipsticks that you thought was red but turns fuchsia.

E.Y.E Cream 5.95

This one is another type of "next" generation eye cream shadow or the Shado-liner repackaged. I find this one as greasy as the Shado-Liner. I can't use it as an eyeliner because I will have to set it with powder first. If I do that, it will mute the color and I have to set with a powder eyeshadow about the same color. This leads to a thick layer of cakey-ness!

I don't want to make this review longer than it is due to the negative aspects of the products. Mehron isn't a bad company, the powder stuff is nice.  I still believe RCMA to be more truer when it comes to skintones. And, if you are curious about this line, well try it and judge for yourself. I know I won't be buying anymore of their cream products.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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