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The Balm: For Keeps Watercolor Lip Stains

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!*

Cake mascara, cake eyeliner, cake and ice cream; I like cake. And, when The Balm came out with a cake lip stain: For Keeps Watercolor Lip Stains.  The product retails for $28USD, I had to get it. Well, it isn't called a cake lipstain but a watercolor lip stain.

Watercolor Lip Stains

It is an interesting product housed in a little compact (measurements shown in picture) with a mirror and mini lip brush. There are two sets: Petunia Pink/Raspberry Red and Plum Berry/Brown Sugar. I bought the Petunia Pink/Raspberry Red. The pans are the average sized 26mm ones, the colors look like your average blush or eyeshadow colors. Dry they feel very rough and hard and leave no color, not the way to use them anyway. Wet is another story.

To use these, I just dip my lip brush in water then swirl into one of the colors. The consistency turns into a paste like cream. You can see from the picture that the Petunia Pink is a fuchsia rose and the Raspberry Red which looks brown in the pan turns into the color of a deep red rose. Now application can be a bit tricky if you don't have smooth lips because these will emphasize every bit of chapped or dryness of the lips. If you have these types of problems, I would skip this product. I applied this as thinly as I could like a lipstain but honestly to get them thin means the consistency has to be runny which on the brush does not work well because they can't be applied evenly. If applied more like an opaque lipstain, then they are easier to work with.


My first time using it, I wasn't expecting that much color but you can see in the pictures it is pretty opaque and saturated. Consider this a matte lipstick in powder form. And, don't make any mistakes! Once this stuff is on, it is on! Don't try to use this other than a lip product. This is a long-wearing product that can feel drying on the lips. However, you can apply gloss over it without disturbing the product. I applied a product called Unpetroleum Jelly which is a greasy oily product that should remove any hard to remove makeup product with ease. It doesn't remove this. I even blotted it off hoping to thin out the color but that just leaves my lips saturated and moisturized. The stuff doesn't even bleed. Is it a miracle product?

The Lips

It can be a miracle lip product if you have a steady hand and like saturated lips and not have to worry about bleeding into the lines or fading when eating a salad. What can't you do? Don't lick your lips, your tongue will be stained. Don't swim in this or be caught in the rain, you will be drooling color or look like a vampire who had a good meal! And this leads me to the removal of the product, what is water activated can be removed with water. Demonstrated above, oil products will not remove this, nor will a soapy cleanser or soap. You can't rub this off with makeup remover cloths. The only way to remove this is to saturate a cotton square with water then blot the lips. The color will dilute but I haven't had any luck in removing every bit. I have had some staining on the lips last until the next day and this is after eating dinner and such.

So is this a good product? It is a good product if my lips were in tip top shape. I don't have to worry about it rubbing off and can eat french fries and not worry about my lips. Do I like it? I am on the fence about this. I like the concrete staying power but it can feel dry. Alone it can look flat and boring, topping it off with gloss or a sheer lipstick gives it some dimension. Removal is a bit of a pain. I really can't decide if this is good or bad, I guess it really depends on my mood.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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