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Make Up Stuff That I Think (daydream) About

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Thinking about makeup relaxes me. I guess it is like meditation even though when you meditate you aren't suppose to be thinking about anything. I tried that and I ended up asleep. So now I just daydream about makeup to ease my mind or to tune out people who are blabbering about uninteresting things. I thought I would let you readers get a peek inside my day dreams!

Hakansson The Shadow Palettes

I love Hakansson cream palettes as you know from my previous posts. I noticed that Katarina had expanded the line to include makeup brushes and eyeshadows. I never tried the shadows and picking them out individually sometimes can make the head spin, but now there are 3 different palettes.


The eyeshadows included in this one are Whitecloud, Greystone, Metalflake, Midnight, Sunrose, Sandlight, Clay, and Cocoa.

The colors look as though they make they would define, shape, and highlight the eyes nicely. Wearable and neutral. I bet this one is the most popular one out of them all.


The eyeshadows in this palette are Sea, Whitelight, Tangerine, Lilac, Pechy, Beach, Sky, and Apple.

Looks like a mix of fruity and beach colors. Definitely, a palette that evokes summer heat casualness.

No. 3

I couldn't get a list of the colors in this palette but it looks more like jewel tones. I would say a nice addition to the Basic set.

Lars Wallin Make It Your Own

I believe Lars Wallin is a Swedish clothing designer whom I know nothing about. However, I do know he has an interesting cosmetic line which includes collection of eyeshadows, eyeliners, blush, lipsticks, and lipgloss. Usually I am not into the several layer packaging of cosmetics but this one comes with a cute little change purse! Always reusable for regifting and for hoarding!

The colors also look amazing which is important since it is cosmetic line. The purple eyeliner (shown) catches my eye, then again the rest of the line looks pretty well organized and nice!

Make Up International Eyeshadow Palette: Baroque

Whenever I see pro eyeshadow palettes, I just get all warm and tingly all over because I know it will be highly pigmented and easy to work with (at least it should be). I actually printed this picture and put it on my wall because they just look nice. In real life, I would probably end up only using about 1/3 of the palette because the other colors would just be eye candy.

Le Maquillage (MAQpro) and Make Up International can be found at MAP

Charmel Paris Gel Eyeliners

These are pans of gel liners that you pick and put into a palette. Now, are these really gels because you know how they can dry out or are they just powder cream liners? Or just a glorified cake eyeliners? Or just creams? Whatever they are, there come in interesting colors.

Tas Merah Makeup Case: Large

This one looks more interesting than the Zuca bag because there are drawers! The dimensions are: 20" x 15.3" x 11" (51cm x 39cm x 28cm). Outside: 3 zipper pockets, one facial tissue holder and 4 pencil pockets. Inside top compartment: 5 side pockets in mesh-net, one removable brush-roll with 13 brush/tool compartments. Inside bottom compartment: 2 removable plastic drawer sets (4 each), one mesh-net pocket. Nifty looking case and costs a mere $340USD.

Claudio Riaz Brush Set

Yes, I think about this set because of the price! This set costs just a mere $1,525.00 at Barneys! If you look at the brushes individually, they all have some shape to them that is suppose to make application easier and maybe faster. I don't know if this is true but they do look interesting and for a fact they might not make me look better but I know if I bought them, I would be poorer!

Hope you had fun in my little cosmetic village! You know that beauty is all a state of mind!!!!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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