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Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadows - Part 1

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

As I go through my stash of colors, I came across a box that I had for awhile and completely forgot due to winter cleaning, then spring cleaning.  I must have been so occupied with arranging and rearranging that I forgot about makeup!  Not an easy feat but somehow forgetfulness did occur.  It was, however, surprising to find a box full of eyeshadows.  Some that look (the colors) like they would transport me back to the 1960's.

The brand I am talking about is probably the most obscure brand I have:  Faces Cosmetics.  I admit that I don't know much about the brand except that it is a Canadian company that has some eyeshadows that really shouldn't be overlooked.  If you check their website, they are mostly located in spas and such but also around the world. 

Playing with some of the colors, this is what I have noticed about this brand.  They have a ridiculous variety of colors.  I confess that I only have 100 of them but if you look at the website, there is more!  The only thing is that their swatches are awful.  You can't tell which is matte, satin, shimmer, or even duochrome.   And, that is too bad because these eyeshadows are gorgeous.

These are the average 26mm steel pan shadows.  This means that they will just stick onto a magnetized palette like Z Palettes.  The textures are a creamy powder and their pigment is amazing.  The colors range from the subtle neutrals to the loud-fun-and-fashion-forward.  The quality of the pigment surpasses that other popular brand; what you see in the pan will be on your lids or may be even better.  The duochromes are gorgeous, especially the gray-based ones.  The mattes and neutrals cater to many skin tones including olive skin tones.  So what could be wrong with this line?  The shadows are numbers and no names.  It is so hard to remember numbers when my entire life seems to be run by numbers like my bank account, credit card account, pin number, etc..  I could mistakenly give my bank a combo of my eyeshadow look-of-the-day instead of my account.  Oh well, can't please everyone. 

Anyway, these are gorgeous and I have listed the first 20 that I have.  I am not sure if all are on the website or if some are discontinued, but if you ever get a chance to see these in person, don't pass the chance to try these.

  • 1-shimmery warm white with a very slight tinge of yellow (which doesn't show up in the swatch)
  • 3-metallic light-medium brassy gray
  • 5-metallic dark brassy gray (darker sister to #3)
  • 7-satin peach cream (closer to an ivory tone); makes a wonderful highlighter
  • 9-shimmery light-medium yellow amber (slight undertone of orange)
  • 18-metallic icy mint with a brass color weaved into it
  • 25-satin medium sky blue
  • 31-satin light-medium blue gray
  • 32-shimmery medium gray blue
  • 33-satin medium-dark clear blue

The grays, 3 & 5, are nice grays to have, not the usual shimmer silver types.  Since they have that brass color in them, makes them wearable and less stark.  The peach color, 7, is a good browbone or inner eye corner highlighter or even cheekbone one; one of the usual must-haves in a neutral or basic set. 

The next 10:

  • 34-shimmery dark blue in a charcoal base
  • 36-matte medium-dark gray blue
  • 43-satin medium lilac (leans towards the purple magenta)
  • 45-shimmery dark blue purple in a dark gray base
  • 46-satin dark mauve with a glow of blue purple
  • 49-matte light cement gray with a a very slight undertone of lavender
  • 52-matte light-medium gray lavender
  • 58-matte light ivory cream (goes towards a light peach tinge)
  • 61-satin medium maple beige (sounds like a warm color but seems to lean towards the cool side)
  • 62-matte dark gray (slight blue undertone)

I find 34 gorgeous as an eyeliner or for a smoky eye look.  The blue riding on the charcoal base gives it just enough darkness without turning black, the blue is there to see.  46 may look unwearable but the glow of the blue purple gives it the jeweltone to give some richness to it and the eye.  Not too bright but not quite unnoticeable, just right for that dot of color on the center of the eyeball.  58 is one of the usual highlight colors.  If I compare the texture to the peach 7, this one is definitely matte, less creamy but still not dry looking on skin.  61 is a nice neutral that isn't really the usual warm maple color, has a coolness to it that will keep the skin from looking too warm or yellow.

These are my first 20 colors of my Faces Cosmetics eyeshadow stash.  I do have favorites and will post them in the conclusion of this ongoing series.  I know the line isn't easily accessible but if you aren't into the popular lines and are looking for quality and a variety of color, this line has them.  And for you Canadians, how lucky you have this line!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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