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The Mixed Pastels and Warm Colors of Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadows - Part 3

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Wow, doing this Faces Cosmetics eyeshadow collection in parts really shows me how obsessed and possessive I am of my tablets of color.  I don't use all of them because some just make me look like a total hoor!  Yes, I am being honest, but the ones I do use work wonderfully for me and my skin tone and the others are just great eye-candy.

The first 10:

Eyeshadows 5

  • 160 - Shimmer medium pink.  Has a slight rose undertone.
  • 163 - Shimmer light lavender.
  • 169 - Medium green jade can lean towards yellow.
  • 170 - Shimmer light pearl pink.
  • 175 - Shimmer medium cream apricot.
  • 177 - Satin medium lavender.  Sister to #163.
  • 179 - Shimmer light champagne.
  • 185 - Satin medium magenta
  • 188 - Shimmer dark forest green in a blackened base.
  • 190 - Shimmer light medium neptune green.

160 is a cotton candy pink.  Be careful with this one or you can look like one of those albino bunnies.  Still wearable but not for all skin tones.  179 is one of the shimmery neutrals that everyone's eye seems to go for.  188 is another great eyeliner, green and dark.

Next 10:

Eyeshadows 6

  • 194 - Metallic medium maple.
  • 195 - Matte dark tree bark brown.  A brown that originates from green.
  • 196 - Metallic medium burnt pumpkin.  More golden than 126.
  • 198 - Matte medium orange.
  • 199 - Matte light powder pink rose.
  • 200 - Metallic burgundy.  More red than 153.
  • 230 - Matte medium ash brown with a slight mauve undertone.
  • 231 - Shimmer light medium dried moss green, yellow green.
  • 232 - Matte dark wine brown.
  • 233 - Matte light powder rose.

194 is a great neutral for everyone who wants just that sheen of neutral color on the eyes.  195 is great for eyelining and as a crease color for dark skin.  Also great for olive skin tones since the brown is not a yellow based but a green based one.  198 is orange and just a touch of this on the middle of the eyelid opens up brown eyes.  230 is a nice neutral for skins that are very warm since this one will not add any warmth.  199 and 233 is good as a browbone highlighter or even cheekbone highlighter on porcelain to fair skin tones.

So far you have seen 60 of the 100 eyeshadows.  Pretty nice aren't they? I do admit though that I still have an itch to buy other eyeshadows to fill in the gap of colors that I don't have.  I really shouldn't do that because I do have too many eyeshadows!  Part 4 coming soon.

Can be found at Faces Cosmetics

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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