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The Semi-Neutrals Eyeshadows of Faces Cosmetics - Part 4

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Ah, getting close to the end of my collection of Faces Cosmetics eyeshadows .  This bunch has some nice neutrals that will give that polished eye look without it turning into a color fest.  Of course, these neutrals can be used as a basic eye look and topped off with any of the colors for that easy pop of color to take you from day to night. 

Here are the first 10:

  • 235-Matte light milky peach.
  • 236 Matte light medium rose peach.
  • 239-Matte dark brown with a red base.
  • 240-Matte medium green khaki.
  • 242-Matte medium dark cocoa brown.
  • 244-Matte dark brown that leans towards a yellow base.
  • 245-Matte dark shale with an undertone of blue grey.
  • 246-Satin medium terracotta brown.
  • 247-Matte medium warm brown.  Yellow orange base.
  • 248-Shimmer light medium pink peach with gold.

235 is another basic neutral browbone highlighting color.  239 and 242 are wonderful neutrals for dark skin tones. 244 the basic brown that can be used for a smoky eye look or wet as an eyeliner.  247 is another basic neutral for porcelain to medium skin tones, pair this with 235 and it will give you a basic neutral eye.  248 looks warm in the picture due to the gold but there is enough pink to it which stops it from turning too warm.

The next 10:

  • 249-Shimmer light medium golden orange.
  • 251-Matte light vanilla beige
  • 252-Matte light medium olive beige
  • 253-Matte medium caramel.  Lighter than 247.
  • 255-Metallic medium golden bronze.
  • 256-Shimmer medium dark duochrome purple with gray.
  • 259-Shimmer medium duochrome rose with gray.
  • 260-Shimmer light medium platinum
  • 261-Shimmer medium teal, leans more towards blue.
  • 262-Satin dark concord grape purple with silver micro glitter.

249 is the warmer sister to 248.  251 another basic color.  252 is one of my favorites because it has a bit of olive but not enough to turn completely towards green, the beige in this kind of veers towards taupe making it a great neutral for olive skin tones from light to dark.  253 is another neutral that works for porcelain to medium skin tones. 256 has that smokiness but never goes too dark since the base is gray and it is also a duochrome.  259 looks kinda dirty in the pan but it is rose sitting in a gray base, another duochrome.  262 looks so great in the pan with its dark purple and twinkling silver but the texture kills its beauty; very chalky and gritty.

So far, this set of 20 are the ones that I usually reach for because of the neutrals.  I do like the duochromes of the purple and rose because they do add some color without looking too wild for a polished daytime look.  However, the look can change to fun with some of the last 20, coming soon!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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