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The Bold and Rich Colors of Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadows - Part 5

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

So my blogging break which was really due to limited net connection or no connection at all and that left me worried with some withdrawal symptoms.  Yet, at the same time, I was so busy that I didn't have time to think about it much.  Now, I am having a hard time getting into the swing of things but eventually I will be back to my old addicted internet self. 

Well, here is the last installment of the Faces Cosmetics eyeshadows.  I was about to do a nail polish post but with all the moving of furniture and plastering and painting of walls, my nails were cut and are covered in lovely seashell white; not to mention dried out a bit.

The last bunch of shadows:

Eyeshadows 9

  • 264 - Satin medium dark gray with silver micro glitter.
  • 265 - Matte light grey with silver micro glitter.
  • 267 - Satin medium apricot with gold micro glitter.
  • 268 - Shimmer medium golden pink.
  • 269 - Shimmer light pastel powder blue.
  • 270 - Matte medium henna brown, more towards a red orange base.
  • 271 - Metallic medium dark copper bronze, similar to a shiny penny.
  • 272 - Shimmer medium antique brass, meaning it has that characteristic of oxidation, showing green.
  • 273 - Matte medium dark plum
  • 275 - Shimmer light medium duochrome that looks murky lavender but is gray with lavender. 

267 may look a bit unwearable to some but it is really a soft apricot that is wearable for any age, not too wild and not super glittery and perfect for Spring weather.  268 is a nice pink because it isn't too pink to make it bunny rabbit pink and not too golden to make it too warm.  272 is one pretty eyeshadow; at first glance it looks green but then it has a brassy tone mixed in making it look taupe but it isn't yet it is as neutral as taupe. 

The next and the last of my Faces eyeshadows:

Eyeshadows 10

  • 276 - Shimmer medium dark duochrome of lavender flashing purple grape.
  • 280 - Satin light medium creamy peach with gold micro glitter.
  • 285 - Shimmer dark green brown weaved with gold.
  • 303 - Satin light medium warm pink.
  • 312 - Matte dark teal.
  • 313 - Matte medium electric blue.
  • 315 - Matte medium dark gray plum.
  • 316 - Matte light white jade.
  • 318 - Matte medium periwinkle blue with minute blue specks of sparkle.
  • 320 - Matte medium spearmint green almost leaning towards the blue.

276 is a very pretty purple one and duochrome too!  285 is dark but has some gold to it which makes it a smoky shadow or an eyelining one.  312 is similar to MAC's Plumage (I think that is the name).  313 and 318 may look alike but 318 is a bit tamer in color and adds blue micro glitter. 

Those are all the Faces eyeshadows that I have.  No more, no less.  Yet, I still find myself drawn to other shadows.  The neutrals in this line are fantastic and pretty much cover the many different skin tones and undertones.  There are plenty of colors yet not as wild as some brands out there; wild enough for the conservative to moderate color wearer.  (No red eyeshadow in this line which leaves me slightly disappointed!)  Texture is wonderful, however if you do have oily lids I do suggest a good eye primer to get the maximum colors out of these shadows.  Use them wet or dry, as eyeliners or shadows, fingers or brush.  Oh and one more thing, I showed these shadows to someone (whom I never knew was a Shu fan) and she said they were better in texture than Shu!  I wish I could back up her claim but I have no Shu to compare.  Hope you enjoyed my eyeshadow hoarding!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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