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My Eye Look Post

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Have I ever done one of these?  Or maybe in a parallel universe I did many of these and forgot to post them here.  Anyway, here is my EOTD (eye of the day) post.  Yes, it is subtle and for two reasons. 

1-I was going to Whole Foods and I swear I feel like a drag queen at mine because I am the only one who wears a full face of makeup there.  2-As I get closer to middle age, I realize that my wild punk and rocker days of my youth are evolving into an inner beauty that refuses to be masked by my millions of collection of colors.  Yes, I have fought with myself when it comes to applying red eyeshadow and other colors, I can't apply them like a parrot and do the latest swirly colors on my eyes.  But, I still like color and have compromised my application to suit my personality.  Inner self is pleased with my outer self.

What I used are the following:

The Products

  1. Three Custom Color Specialists (3CC) loose face powder #4.  The 3CC powders are so refined in texture that I can use them to set my concealer and/or neutralizer on my eyes without it building a thick layer.  Yes, this is darker than my skin tone but the sheerness of it just gives it enough color as an eyeshadow base.  Since, I have a large space from my lid to brow, using a color similar to my skin tone prevents the area from looking puffy and wide.  It also prevents from whiting out the area which could age me even more!  The color of 3CC #4 provides a soft sheer light caramel color.

  2. Kryolan TV Brown eyeshadow.  This is a warm medium brown that can also be used as a contour color on the face on porcelain to medium skin tones.  On darker skin this would be a light or soft nude color.  I use this on my orbital ridge to give the area just a some depth and separation from the brow bone area.

  3. Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadow 251 a matte light vanilla beige.  I use this on the inner corner and right up to the fleshy area of where it curves into my eyeball.  I make sure to buff it in with a buffer brush to avoid any chalkiness and to look as natural as possible (as you can see in the picture).  I do this because it opens and also separates the eye area from the nose.

  4. Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadow 244 a matte dark warm brown.  I use this to define my eyeball area and to give some depth.  I also use it to softly line the eyes on my bottom lash line.  And no, I never connected the top and bottom, left the area open.

  5. Faces Cosmetics Eyeshadow 137  a shimmer duochrome of fuchsia that flashes blue/purple.  Yes, I still like color but I have to put it on strategically to make the maximum impact.  Well, I could put it all over and that would tell people to put me in a straight jacket and pack me up to the mental ward.  Yes, if you are a mature woman, you can still wear the wild colors but just make sure that is the one color making the statement and not a fruit basket of them.  I applied this on the lid area from inner corner up to the crease (fleshy eyeball area) and to the other end of the lid. 

  6. Lauren Hutton Eyeliner a felt tip eyeliner in black.  I take this very close to the lash line just to give it definition.  I am not tightlining, I apply right above the lash line from the very first lash and stop at the very last.

  7. Lasting Impressions Eyeliner in Midnight Brown.  This is another felt tip liner that is dual ended, one side is a stiff and precise tip while the other is more of a soft feathery one.  I use this one very close to the bottom lash line, like the black to define.  Why do I use a brown on the bottom?  I am not trying to make a dramatic look, just a polished one that opens the eye yet defines.

  8. Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector in #3, a dark brown.  A gel like brow filler that is waterproof, sweat proof, rub proof yet looks natural.

The Look

Now, you know what I used to get this eye look. 

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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