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Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

I am not one to really try drugstore stuff just because I have been disappointed by many things and have wasted enough money on mediocre performing drugstore makeup which would have gotten me good promising performing high end or pro stuff.  However, I cannot complain about Physicians Formula new gel liners.  The stuff has opened my eyes to drugstore accessible gel liners! 

These liners come in stackable containers of three that correspond to the four group of eye colors: brown, blue, green, and hazel.  I don't pay attention to this so I bought all of them and have to say they are really colorful and nice!  The first color corresponds or complements the eye color, second color makes a playful statement, while the third color is dramatic and black.  All are worth having because you can mix and match and stack them like Lego blocks!

  • Brown eyes-The three colors included in this one are neutral matte medium dark brown, a shimmery purple, and a black with purple micro glitter. 

  • Blue eyes-The three colors in this one are a shimmery blue with blue specks, a shimmery brassy brown, and black with blue sparkles. 

  • Green eyes-The colors in this bunch are a shimmery grass green with green micro glitter, a shimmery violet with violet micro glitter, and black with green sparkles. 

  • Hazel eyes-This one has a nice taupe with multi-color shimmer, also a shimmery magenta mauve with multicolor micro glitter, and the black with magenta sparkles. 

I took pictures of my eyes with the various sets.  From left to right: Brown, Blue, Green, and Hazel.  I used all three colors just to show what they look like.  You can use them together or individually, just your preference.  I took the neutral colors in each set (excluding the Green eyes set which I used the violet) and used it like an eyeshadow under my eye to give it that smudged effect.  The corresponding or complement colors; I used them as a thick liner.  And for the black colors; I used them very close to the lash line just to define.  As you can see, the colors are vivid and they do show up as their own colors and not some blackened version.

The texture is the usual gel but not as dry as the others that I have tried and doesn't ball up upon application.  Glides onto the eye easier than some of the high end ones and as long lasting.  I have only used these as eyeliners and eyeshadows and haven't applied them on the waterline only because I have the Lakshmi eye kohls (which do not irritate my eyes).  The pigment is clear and true as you can see by the pictures.  The only gripe could be for some people is that they are small BUT you get three colors (Total Net Wt0.21Oz./6g Approximately $11USD) and a chance to finish them.  All to buy again at the drugstore instead of a cosmetic counter.  And remember, these are stackable and interchangeable. So, stack your favorites together or the neutrals, colors, or the blacks.  Organization, ease and accessibility! Thank you Physicians Formula!!!!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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