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MyChelle Cosmetics Dermaceuticals - Mineral Makeup Beauty Products

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

MyChelle Cosmetics Dermaceuticals is a line that consists of skincare and mineral makeup that is free of phthalates, parabens and fragrance.  I have often seen the skincare at my local Whole Foods but never seen the revamped cosmetic line.  Years ago I bought the lip and cheek sticks which were pretty nice and now they have foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, cheek, and lip products.  Since I had a Skincarerx.com gift certificate, I decided to try the foundations and a concealer.


The website says:  The Cream Foundation provides sheer matte coverage for a beautiful, polished, finished look that is light and fresh. This foundation brightens complexion, evens skin tone and diminishes the appearance of fine lines due to the light reflecting qualities of micas and silica.

The foundation comes in stick form which makes it easy to use, just draw a couple of stripes on the face and spread with a sponge or brush.  I bought two colors: Latte and Chai.  Now my skin is more of a light skin olive as in close to a MAC NC 25 or so.  So why did I buy dark colors.  First, I often find that a line that is more natural based lacks pigment and since I spread it out for light coverage it pretty much gives a matching tone with no white out (Latte) or a slight bronzed glow (Chai).  In the pictures the first one is a thick coverage of the product and the second "stippled" is the color that is left after it has been spread out with a sponge.  You can see the difference.

The coverage is anywhere from light to to medium nothing more.  It does brighten without any of those sparkles you see in other foundations that claim to brighten.  It is more of the glow type and not the shimmery one.  The Latte which I generally use is more of a beige brown color and Chai is darker and a light brown/bronze tone not too red or too orange.  The feel of the foundation feels light and moves with the skin which is great for normal to dry skin types and acts like a moisturizing foundation stick but nothing too greasy or oily.  However, for oily skin types, this stick may feel like it is slipping and sliding around due to its moisturizing properties.  The texture is easy to work with and can be easily spread out with sponge, brush, and even fingers.  Definitely, an on the go foundation stick.  I would suggest a light topping of face powder to set and it feels fine all day, at least for me. 

The drawback of this foundation is the color selection, on the website there are only 6 colors and the light ones look pink to me.  You can mix and match since they are very user friendly.  The Cream Foundation stick retails for about $22USD.  One more point, my mum uses this foundation and loves it on her normal to dry skin.  Very mature skin friendly.


The concealer is a different story for me.  I bought Solar which is medium in tone.  I really can't compare this to any of the other two since I don't have them but I bought medium because I didn't want it to look too light or white on my skin.  In the picture it looks beige but it is really more peach which works out great if you have blue under the eyes.  However, I find I am not loving this concealer at all.

The texture is thicker than the foundation but still easy to work with, easily spread with fingers.  But it also moves around, it really doesn't stay where it is supposed to especially if used under the eyes.  It creases and this one does feel greasy on my normal to dry skin.  And forget about using the concealer anywhere near the eyes during the summer months because it will melt like butter on top of a hot pancake!  Coverage is more on the light side, if you have heavy discoloration, this won't cover it.  If you just have a faded pimple scar or just require just a touch of concealer for your own psychological benefit then this one could work for you.  Otherwise, the color selection isn't great and the staying power isn't the best.  This concealer retails for about $11USD.

My thoughts are that the foundations are nice but then again I chose colors that didn't match but to enhance my skin tone.  The concealer I didn't like at all because of the slippery and too moisturizing texture.  I was about to try the eyeshadow sticks MyChelle has but I knew they would crease especially with the weather turning warmer and into searing heat.  Maybe, another time. :-)

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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