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100% Pure Cosmetics - Would It Work on Gilligan's Island?

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

When I was a little girl, I watched episodes of Gilligan's Island because I was mesmerized by the starlet Ginger Grant and her knack for beauty.  She always looked so polished and fashionable for being stranded on a tropical island.  And her makeup, yep that is what got to me, how did she do it I wondered? 

100% Pure Cosmetics Palette

Well, in one episode she did reveal her secret.  It was her clamshell compact which was really a clamshell!  I was in total awe at that compact because when she opened it up to show her cosmetics to Mary Ann, it revealed a palette of colors that were crushed fruits and berries.  She explained to Mary Ann how she used this certain berry as cheek color and another for a lip stain.  Clever!  Now, 100% Pure Cosmetics has based their cosmetic line on fruit pigments!

The Cream

I bought three Satin Eyeshadows which are all cream eyeshadows-Tahiti, Fiji, and Bora Bora; and the Pretty Naked palette.  Okay, I have buyer's remorse!  I bought these on Haute Look which, thank goodness, were not full price because if they were, I would probably be eating these cosmetics to get some worth out of them.

The Satin Eyeshadows ($15 USD)

These are the basic cream shadows.  Tahiti-shimmery and sparkly peach beige (more peach); Fiji-shimmery and sparkly golden maple, Bora Bora-shimmery and sparkly medium golden brown.

Satin Eyeshadows - Cream

I have no qualms with cream eyeshadows, in fact, I like them.  I know they crease and such but the object of a cream eyeshadow is to provide some dewiness and sheen to the eye which comes in handy as one turns towards maturity.  Don't expect the color in the pan without major oily migration; you only apply a thin layer just for a sheer touch of color when the light hits your eyes.

I tried using the 100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows this way and I just couldn't get a handle of them.  Yes, they are easy to spread, I used my fingers and brush combination but something just didn't jive with me.  Okay, a couple of things.  The colors are too warm for my taste which is really a personal preference.  The texture feels more like an eye cream, balm to be exact; kinda like a chunk of cocoa butter or avocado butter in this case.  You know when you apply cocoa butter, you have that solid chunk but the warmth of your fingers melt enough to use as a moisturizer?  This is the same and with color.  What you get on your finger is the color in the jar but once spread it really is just shimmer and sparkle in a layer of oil.  Color is close to nothing.  I know I said a sheer application for cream eyeshadow but when the application of any color looks the same as your own skin tone, that disappoints me.  And, this one is just shimmer and sparkle that I could get from a powder without that oily feeling.  Let me also differentiate amongst my other cream shadows.  The others may be greasy but they can "stick" onto the eyelid (not ultra sticky).  This one just slips and slides around.  Yes, I can top it off with a powder, but if the cream doesn't have some hold on my skin; the powder is useless.

By the way, the creams became slightly dehydrated and fell out of their jars.  I transferred them into a different container.

The Pretty Naked Palette ($35 USD)

I hate myself for falling for things that say "nude", "naked", and "natural".  Just call it beige and/or boring and I will look away.

This one is a Pretty Naked Palette not because of the colors but because of the texture and pigment.  This one consists of a blush, two eyeshadows, and two lip cremes.  The blush called Blushing is shimmery and sparkly peach brown; the two eyeshadows Bare-shimmery Ivory and Naked-shimmery honey brown; the lip cremes Nude-warm pink and Natural-soft berry.   The texture of the powders may be pressed but feels like a loose one.  Unlike some loose minerals that will actually "stick" or stay on the skin when applied, these don't and buffing will just make the color disappear.  Thinking that my brush was the cause of the wanton behavior, I tried my finger and still no luck.  The powder just doesn't stick onto skin.  Pigment is close to nothing since what will be on the skin will be absorbed by your own oils.  The lipcolors have a sweet scent to them which I have smelled or tasted before.  The colors are very sheer and more like a tinted lip balm but the color wears off after awhile too.  So, in the end you are pretty much left with a pretty naked face.  Thus, the name of the palette?

Palette Swatches

So, who are these products good for?  The person who doesn't want to look like they are wearing make up maybe?  But if you want a natural look, there are other products that provide a natural look which lasts throughout the day.  Or maybe for the teenager that is just starting out.  But all the teens I know want to look like a colorful fish in the sea.

I really can't suggest who this is good for because, my mum even rejected this stuff.  :-|  And, I think Ginger would be unhappy too because she definitely would look like someone stranded on an island and not the starlet!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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