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My Small Arsenal of Eyelash Curlers

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I am not really all that crazy about eyelash curlers, the masochistic contraptions that concentrates on just a small area of the face, the eyelashes whose purposes are to protect the eye from dust and detour any sweat droplets that may roll into the eyes.

Eyelash Curlers

Yet, we do the opposite and welcome the dust and make our eyes water by accidentally pinching our lashline. All this to get that perfect curl to "open" the eyes. Yeah, right, whatever...I hate to be shallow in this world especially when the plight of humanity, at times, seems to be going into the toilet but, I, like many makeup junkies have bought a fair share of these eyelash curlers and find that at times they do wonders especially when you just want a natural nude eye.

In the following pictures you can see the curlers that I have and used. Of course, you don't see the ones that I don't use because I have thrown them away. Some of them were not worth my time and others were so badly made that I think the company who made them forgot that we are actually living in the 21st century. Why curl your lashes with a spoon when there are curlers? (I am not going to mow the lawn with a pair of shears when there is a lawn mower!)

The Usual Lash Curlers

The first one is controlled by a spring. The spring leaves the curler open and the squeeze of the handle will crimp the lashes. Yeah, I know all curlers do this but the spring mechanism does help in the control of the pressure of the squeeze as opposed to one without one.

Whole Lash Curlers

The second one is a PREO Curl Up Pro lash curler that I got in Japan long ago. And when I mean long ago, I would say in 1995 so that makes the curler a teenager. It still works and still is going strong. I have changed the pad about once a year on this if I have used it continuously, but with so many curlers I have not used this one continuously all year long. The curve of the curler is shorter and more shallow. PREO does have one with a more deeper curve for deep set eyes. Yes, the curve of the curler does make a difference so next time check it out. Since the curve is shorter, the way to use this curler is for it to travel across the lashline from edge to edge. I have tried this and it does work but then I ended up getting the mini curlers or the end lash curlers.


The Mini Curlers

These mini curlers are for the outer edge. You can use it to do the entire lashline section by section also.

The first one is like a mini version of a full size. It does have a slight curve to adapt to the curvature of the eye. I find this to be okay and not really to my liking since it can mess up the lashes that are close to the center of the eye due to the design of it. However, it is easier to hold than the next one.


The next one is again by PREO, the PREO Curl UP which is the same one that Alcone sells. This one is like a pair of tweezers, you have to squeeze and hold. For someone who doesn't have strength in their fingertips, I suggest the first mini curler instead. You pretty much have to have some strength to hold this together and some steadiness, you don't want it to slip and poke your eye or accidentally pull out a couple of lashes. I am not trying to scare you but just make sure you don't have slippery fingers when using this one. In the end, it does give a nice curl in a precise area.

The Heated Eyelash Curler

The one shown here is a Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler which I am not really fond of but when I want a good curl especially on Asian lashes; this is used with the others.


The way it works is the comb heats up and placed right at the base of the lashes and held up until they lift a little. Once the roots have been lifted, move towards the center of the eye and so on. I know there are heated curlers that will clamp the lashes; I had one and burnt my lash line by not only pinching it but because it was just a bit hot. This one is still hot but I can control it better since it doesn't clamp. It also has an indicator light telling you when the curler is ready. For some reason, this curler eats up a battery pretty quickly. I haven't had a battery last more than a month in this if used everyday. Is it a fluke? I dunno but I have had other heated eyelash curlers the same style and their batteries are sucked dry pretty quickly too.

So if I am really not liking this curler, why keep this? Well, I once met this girl in Japan that was meticulous about her lashes. She was a lash/mascara freak who had her routine down pat when it came to her lashes. This is how she curled her lashes and applied her mascara. Since, Asians have stick straight lashes, the mascaras in Japan are mostly waterproof and not to mention stiff because they are meant to hold a curl. If you want to try this method you will have to use waterproof mascara.

  1. Curl the lashes with the regular lash curler. Make sure you get as close to the base of the lashes and move your way up but when you get to the tip, do just a light clamp or it will crimp (which will look like a spider that died).

  2. After the lashes are curled, go back and take the mini curler and do the ends since the larger ones can't really curl the very ends.

  3. Take the mascara and apply from base to tip.

  4. Then take your heated eyelash curler and start lifting the roots of your lashes. Since the mascara is waterproof, the mascara will permit the lashes to lift and hold the curl even more.

  5. If you feel you want more of a curl, then take the large regular (non-heated) curler and curl again. (The pad of the lash curler used should be silicone based ones which won't stick to the lashes and rip them out).

  6. Voila! Curled lashes on an Asian.

Yeah, that is a lot to do and I tried it once and in that time I could have done my entire face and walked out the door. But if you do have time, try it sometime.

A Few More Tips and Tricks

For a good curl the best way or time to curl your lashes is right after you have applied foundation and powdered your face. This way the lashes have some dryness from the powder on them and will curl easier. Doing it after your eye make up is done leaves more weight (from the shadows and such) on the lashes, making you crimp harder and the curl to wilt. Also, after you have curled your lashes and before your eye make up, apply just a touch of mascara only at the base of the lashes to hold the curl.

Some people use a blow dryer to heat the curler for a faster curl. That's fine just don't get the curler too hot or to the point where it can burn your lid. I personally don't use a blow dryer because I am just laaaazzzyyy!

Curl your false lashes before application and if you reuse them, you can revive the curl after cleaning them.

Last but not least, take time to clean your lash curlers so you don't have an gobbly gook stuck on them. Just take isopropyl alcohol (70% to 99%) and wipe the steel and pad. (If you are a make up artist, this is important to do especially after each client.) The heated lash curler usually allows the comb to be removed and clean, at least the Panasonic one allows this. Keeping a lash curler clean lengthens its life and not to mention the pad.


Are lash curlers necessary? Of course not. They are just another tool to have in your arsenal. For some it can be a dangerous tool when not used properly because they can pull out a couple of lashes, especially when startled while holding a lash curler. Yeah, ouch! For others it is like a fork at a dinner table, a necessary utensil. For me, it all depends on how much time I have to spend on my lashes.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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