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Sleek MakeUp Kajal, Make Up Academy, & Mememe Cosmetics

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

On my last post, I didn't elaborate on these items but in this one I will and also did two EOTD's due to a request.  I have to say that I am totally in love with this stuff because I really didn't have to think about application.  It took me about two minutes (not kidding either) to do the EOTD's.  I think it was due to the texture and colors which again I have to thank Kelly (Jellyminx) for her psychic makeup powers!

Sleek MakeUp Kajal in Odyssey

I love this kajal to death for two reasons: it's purple and it's a kajal.  Yes, you can repackage all the eyeliners in the world as a cone shaped kajal and I probably will want each and every one of them.  I am really that easy to please!  This kajal retails for $8.00 USD on the Sleek website .  Unbelievable price for a product that could cost 5x's as much for quality and color.

The color is a beautiful shimmery royal purple which may look like it could turn towards plum but stops right before it does.  It isn't shimmery enough to be a frost or have that metallic sheen.  This is pure purple heaven and one of the clearest purples out there that actually applies like a dream.  Most of the purpley purples, whether it be a powder eyeshadow or cream eyeliner, tend to be a bit on the choppy side; the pigments do not glide on smoothly making the purple look rough or even a bit muddy.  This kajal is no problem.  The clearness of the purple and the smooth cream base makes application so easy.  When I applied this on the waterline, my eyes did not water (although your sensitivity mileage may vary).  The kajal is soft enough to deposit color while hard enough to keep its cone shape.  I also used this as an eyeliner which really is WOW!  I didn't use any fancy brush, I just drew it around my eyeline straight from the tube.

Lasting power can vary.  Application on the waterline can fade with time but I found enough color to be left at the end of the day to be noticed still as a shimmer purple.  As an eyeliner, it can smudge but at the same time it smudges like a smoky smudge, not the running-down-my-eyes smudge.  So, at the end of the day, I had very alluring smoky purple eyes!

Mememe  Beautiful You Eyeshadow in Café

This is another drugstore line which if I am allowed to analyze it like a makeup connoisseur can blow high end eyeshadows out of the water!  The pan size is 28mm and retails for £4.25.  It may look like the average silvery taupe that has a bit of a purple underbase but upon closer inspection, the size of the pigments are very refined making it wearable on mature eyes.  The texture feels light.  How can I describe this?  Think of a paper towel, an eyeshadow can have the thickness and heaviness of a paper towel so it will glide on the eye smoothly.  This one has the feel of soft kleenex; thin yet pigmented just enough to hold its color and to go on smoothly also.  Lasting power is about the same as the high end eyeshadows I have, the only variation would be how oily your own lid would be then I would suggest an eyeshadow base for more lasting power.

In the following picture, I actually applied this on top of Sleek's Odyssey kajal.  I applied the Sleek then spread it out thinly with a brush and applied the Mememe on top.  Then applied the kajal on my waterline and lashline.  Makes a nice pairing doesn't it?

Make Up Academy Eyedust in Shade 5

Hmmm, MUA for short reminds me of a website... Anyway, Make Up Acadamy eyedust shade 5 retails for just £1!  What? Just a pound, no way!  What did I buy for a pound way back when?  I just remember my coin purse weighing down my shoulder bag all the time.  If I had the MUA stuff back then, I would have easily emptied my coin purse.

This is a loose eyeshadow that is sparkly and shimmery plum brown.  It may look like the usual plum brown but when I looked at it against white paper, there were specks and glints of green,purple, silver, and brown.  No, it isn't a duochrome or interference type pigment but the colors show up differently depending on the lights.  Warmer the light, more brown it looks.  Cooler the lighting the plum purple appears.  The other colors just merge into one, pure harmony.  The sparkle isn't the big glitter chunks but just little gleams of color that catch the light each time with a blink.  Very pretty!  Texture-wise, this is smooth for something that costs for so little and has better staying power than many of the high end brands.  Of course your mileage may vary and a good eyeshadow base always helps.

In this picture I used Julie Hewett Hue Colour in Violette from lashline to brow bone, spreading it thinly so it would have less chance of creasing, then I applied the MUA Eyedust from lashline to right above my crease, applied brown cream eyeliner and topped that with the eyedust.  Simple yet it looks good, at least for a two minute eye that I wore all day!

What can I say about UK stuff, well you know how it is.  You always want something that you can't get in your own place!  And for the lucky ones who always have this stuff right in front of you, well worth the price to try and play with!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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