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Fresh & Easy - Retreat Mulberry & Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Hand and Nail Cream; Lemon Verbena & Sunflower Hydrating Body Oil

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Fresh & Easy is a chain of grocery stores that packs ready made and brand name groceries in a no-nonsense setting.  You won't find fancy-shmancy decor in this place because it concentrates on getting you in and out with the best quality food at a reasonable and sometimes very low price. UK's Tesco is the brain behind this grocery chain and with the help of Whole Foods has expanded mostly in the US west coast.

What I like about this place is that it reminds me of Marks & Spencer food hall back in the 80's; the ready made entrees which were freshly made and tasted fairly good for the instant take out crowd.  The only part I didn't like was watching the grumpy checkout ladies handing out bags so I could bag my own groceries.  (Shocking to me since I was so used to the U.S. way of grocery bagging where the store employee bagged the stuff for me.)  Fresh & Easy is like that but now there is no one at the checkout; it is self serve.  I scan and bag myself which keeps the prices low.  However, this isn't about the food but their keen sense of marketing their own brand of bath and beauty products called Retreat. 

Retreat is, so far, a small aromatherapy line that has a small selection of hair products, lip balms, and body lotions.  The prices are pretty affordable.  I didn't see anything priced that high but have to admit I didn't look carefully.  What I bought were priced at $3.99USD and I think the highest priced items were $6.99USD.  I was skeptical about this line because of the price and its generic-ness. 

Well, no more a skeptic and not afraid of generic stuff.  These two items that I bought at $3.99USD do as good a job as the stuff I have bought at high end places or maybe even better without any of the clanking of change into a celebrity spokesperson's purse! 

The Retreat Mulberry & Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Hand and Nail Cream is one that I am liking many times over because of its texture.  It isn't a drippy and watery lotion nor is it a really thick cream where you need to build muscle to squeeze the tube, just the perfect texture that can be rubbed into cuticles and hands.  You feel the lotion moisturizing and it will stay moisturized.  I washed my hands several times after application and they never felt dry.  No, it isn't oily or sticky but it will keep the cuticles from looking rough and mishandled.  Perfect for this hot summer too since it doesn't feel heavy on the hands.  Scented but not heavily perfumed, the smell is more of a sweetened fruit but not the candy sweet, just naturally nature sweet.  

The Retreat Lemon Verbena & Sunflower Hydrating Body Oil is another surprisingly good product.  I have made my mix of various body oils in the hopes that it will leave me moisturized and not make me feel like a greased up pan.  This one is oil but the aloe in it allows the body to feel moisturized without waiting for it to be absorbed.  I have used this on my face which might make some people cringe, but have had no problems.  (I usually don't mess with my skincare and this means I stay away from AHA's and other stuff that "claim" anti-aging stuff because those are the ingredients that make my skin flare up in the most unusual way like a sunburnt effect.)  This actually feels pretty nice on the face which in my case is normal to dry, leaves it moisturized yet dries enough to allow a smooth application of makeup.

Retreat, so far is a small line and I can see its possibility of expanding hopefully into facial skincare. And what about makeup?  It would be so cool to see a grocery store like Fresh & Easy have their own brand of makeup at a price that would be very reasonable for everyone.  Buying the stuff would be a breeze thanks to the self service checkout.  No more SA's pushing products at you!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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