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What I Do to Color My Hair

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Major Disclaimer:  What I did is for my own hair, therefore I know my hair very well and how far I am allowed to go before I damage it from no-return.  If you try this at home, you are risking not only damaging your hair but turning your hair into a color you will be unhappy with and start crying and whining.  Put it this way, I understand what I did to my hair color wise.  If you don't know what you are doing, best to leave it alone or allow a pro to do it.

Yes, I am still on my blogging break although this post doesn't seem like it.  I tweeted about my haircolor ponderings, so I just thought you would be curious as to how my hair turned out.   I've been coloring my hair since the late 70's and never stopped because its fun to have a different head of hair every few months.  My hair has been every color, from a punk rock red burgundy to a platinum blonde.  Within the many times I have colored my hair, I have damaged it once and that one time taught me to be very careful.

If you  have ever seriously damaged your hair you know what it is like, it is the point of no return where NOTHING will help except cutting it off.  The hair loses its porosity; it has no tensile strength; it turns green; wet it feels gummy and gross; and dry it is a dry messy fluff of stringy cotton.  Every time you run a brush but probably better to run a comb, hair just stretches and breaks.  Someone told me Asian hair is hard to damage and yes it takes a lot to damage it and I did many things to it but it can successfully be damaged.  I shaved off my hair then but thank goodness a mohawk was the "in" look!

For awhile, I have been doing the simple single-process (straight color onto hair) haircoloring.  I basically got bored of my color and decided on the double process or maybe a triple process depending on how you look at it.  Double process involves bleaching the hair which isn't really scary but it can scare many people and that is why if you go to a beauty supply store like Sally's Beauty Supply, the weekends are full because people have mucked up their hair either on Friday or Saturday and want it fixed for Monday before they get back to work.

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What makes coloring hair complicated is that you are starting with pigments from a human which is quite unpredictable due to age, environment, texture, and many other factors.  Just dumping on a simple color can change the color but is it the color you wanted?  Here is my journey.

My hair is a dark brown naturally.  The color you see is the color I used from a bottle to get a bit of that red into the dark brown, kind of a chestnut brown color.  Now, I want something more of a milky chocolate color and little less red and not to mention less darkness.  Yep, I bleached and when I bleached I pre-conditioned my hair to prepare it from drying out.  Bleaching is hard because you are racing against time-once the bleach touches the hair, that area will lose its pigment first.  You have to work fast to get an even bleaching all over the head.  I usually start at the crown and back with a lower volume peroxide than the front area so when I get to do the front, the back will be at the same level as the front.  My hair is at that albino carrot stage, if I used heat or reapplied I would have gotten to a yellow level and almost white.  Those two stages I avoid because no matter how gentle I am on my hair, breakage occurs.  Some of you may have stopped a level below this when bleaching, you know the red orange level.  You all panic and think your life is over, all you have to do is reapply and let it go on a bit longer and you will get past it.  Yet, some of you say, "Yeah, that is the color I was trying to achieve."  I laugh because who really wants hair the color of a carrot or an albino one?  Just remember when you bleach, you need to stand away from any air conditioning because it will slow down the process and also dry it out.  If your bleach dries out, reapply or you will get uneven spots on your hair.

Some people apply the desired color straight on top of the bleach.  I don't.  I use a demi-permanent in a neutral base to put back some color.  I use a neutral base because I have tried ash based on my hair and the end result leaves it a bit too harsh because of the lack of warmth.  Why a demi-permanent?  Because it isn't as harsh as a permanent color because of the no ammonia.  It only deposits color and won't lighten it and washes out within 24 shampoos.  Demi-permanent colors never lighten hair, it can only add at the same level or darken.  Here, I use it to add depth for the next color I apply which is permanent.  Some say I could stop at this color but eventually it washes out and leaves my hair a bit flat in pigment.

The final step is my permanent haircolor which is by Faipa.  This is an Italian haircolor and Italian haircolor is a bit more saturated and darker in levels than the usual ones like Wella, Goldwell, Matrix, or others.  The darkness does fade and I take that into consideration when I use it.  The color I used here is a light chocolate brown with a 20 volume peroxide.  It is a slight change from the demi-permanent color, there is more depth.

That is what I do to color my hair!  Not the usual color dumping of color which can be done within 45 minutes.  This took at least 4 hours for my length of hair and careful planning to keep it in tip top condition.  Like I said, I know how far I can go with my hair.  If you aren't sure or ever sure of what to do, it is better to get it done by a pro because if you mess it up, you will likely spend twice as much to correct your mess.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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