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Zoe and Zac Naturals Makeup Palettes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

In my previous post I introduced the palettes without an in depth review.  This time, I have checked out the colors, textures, and products thoroughly.

The palettes are housed in a lightweight yet sturdy cardboard container that has a window and a small mirror on the inner cover.  The size is 4" x 3 1/2" x 3'8" (10.2cm x 8.9 cm x 1cm) and includes a small brush/sponge tip applicator.  The pans themselves look to be the average small round pan (26mm) but they ARE NOT.  They are a tad smaller than that.  The eyeshadows are mineral based and do not contain any talc.  Both the lips and eyeshadows are paraben free and are not tested on animals; packaging is recyclable.  Those are the basics.

The four palettes:  Forest Blooms, Alpine Sky, Island Dunes, and Spring Bouquet contain colors that look wearable for a polished wardrobe ensemble.  If I just looked at the eyeshadows alone, I would want them more because some of the lip colors do not appeal to me.  By the way, there is no blush in this palette but the lipcolors can be doubled as a cream blush.

In the following pictures I just applied the eyeshadows without finishing off the eye with mascara or eyeliner.  This way you can see how the camera picks up the color.

Forest Blooms is a palette that consists of earthy and green shadows of shimmery medium gray green, satin taupe brown, and a satin deep and slightly grayed green.  The lipcolors are somewhat of a shocking mix compared to the subdued tones of the eyeshadows.  There is a shimmery peach, shimmery peachy pink, and a creamy raspberry.

Alpine Sky leans towards the icy blue with that flushed lip look.  The eyeshadows consist of a shimmery midtone blue gray, a light icy blue shimmer, and a dark satin grey blue.  The lipcolors are a shimmery golden cherry, a shimmery golden iced pink, and a cool toned deep red.

Island Dunes looks more neutral than tropical but since it is the dunes they are a sandy beach color.  The eyeshadows consists of a dark matte plummy brown, a shimmery golden bronze, and a shimmery ivory beige.  The lipsticks are a creamy toffee beige, a frosty coral, and a creamy muted rose.

Spring Bouquet palette is the opposite of what I think of but I guess somewhere there is the look of Spring.  The eyeshadows are a shimmery taupe gray, a shimmery iced ivory pink, and a satin mauve sand.  The lipcolors are a creamy bright rose, a creamy rose mauve, and a creamy beige mauve.

The texture of these eyeshadows from first touch feel like a creamy powder and nothing is scratchy about them.  However, I have noticed that upon gathering color upon my finger, brush, or sponge, the colors do not stick easily onto any of the tools, the colors kind of clump then have to be buffed in or patted onto the skin for the color to stick.  This can cause problems because I had fallout occur during application and had to wipe away the color from under my eyes and cheeks which leads me to the pigmentation.  There is pigment but it is not highly pigmented like other brands, the color tends to lean on the thin side.  I noticed that when removing the eyeshadows, they easily were wiped away with eye makeup remover which makes me believe that the staying power of these shadows are not long wearing, a good eyebase is recommended.

The lipcolors are unscented which is good since you don't want the smell to clash with the shadows in the palette.  The colors are sheer and soft.  I actually poked the colors a bit in the pan to get some color out of them but still the texture which is nothing bad just not buildable left them pretty sheer compared to the popular big brands on the market.

So, what do I think?  I am a person who has been wearing making for ages and I am definitely no spring chicken.  For me, the palettes do not work because I don't have the soft and smooth skin of a tween or a teen.  However, if you do have a young girl who is beginning to explore makeup and want her to look decent then these are good palettes to start off with.  Not only do these colors work with young skin; they will easily wash off with a simple skin care routine.  This line is definitely for the young but not the mature woman.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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