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Happy Halloween and Some Boo-tiful Treats

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

You may be slightly disappointed that I don't have any cool Halloween stuff to share.  Actually, that is a lie, I did do a Halloween nail polish post.  And, don't you hate how I try to keep the Halloween theme with the word "boo-tiful"?  Anyway, I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween.  Recently, I received some goodies from the beautiful Kelly.

First up, Nivea cream and Vaseline Lip Therapy.  The Nivea cream may have the same look as the U.S. version but the European version is much better in my opinion.  The texture of the cream glides on more smoothly than the version available here.  The Vaseline Lip Therapy does resembles the Smith's Rosebud Salve tin.  Are they similar?  If I recall the Rosebud salve was softer and melted like a gooey cream to the touch.  This Vaseline is a lot more solid and the petroleum jelly is different than the U.S. version.  Like Nivea cream, the texture is more refined.  The tint gives that perfect touch of color on the lips and the smell reminds me of Turkish Delights

Next, are the eyeshadows.  The square one which is a huge size for an eyeshadow is Famous by Sue Moxley in shade 3 which is a silvery purple taupe with small specks of glitter.  Yes, I like taupes, I admit I do, especially the ones that lean towards the purple even though I do collect the ones that don't. :p  The other eyeshadow is by Barry M color 51 which is a rosey taupe even though it doesn't look that taupey in the picture or rosey but it is.  It is similar to Benefit's creaseless cream color in Flatter Me and layering gives it an added dimension, just so you know.

The Body Shop Kajals.  Anything that eyeliner that comes in a cone form brings me to my knees especially if they come in a color other than black.  The green one (02) is like a pine tree green, kinda dark but not too dark and green enough to see the color.  The silver one (03) is a shimmery silver that has enough depth to it to make it look like a metallic gray.  Both glide on the waterline easily with a nice touch of color.  Remember, you don't need to sharpen these, they just keep its shape if you apply while turning the cone.

Barry M Nail Polish-(Will do nail polish posts in the future.) These are like little treasures that I covet because the colors are so beautiful.  You saw in my previous post how the black nail polish turns into crack or you know how nail polish can be your form of crack!  Indigo (312) is an interesting color.  I think Kelly called it blurple, I'll call it plue.  It is a blue purple or a purple blue, either way it looks good.  Vivid Purple (161) is similar to Illamasqua Baptiste yet if you like purple then I can't say it is a dupe because a different purple in polish is always worth having.  Racing Green (299) is a deep shimmery green which reminds of the mysteries of a forest more than racing but that is just me and my mind wandering.

Last but not least, are chocolates which didn't last that long.  Little bars of organic chocolate made with pure cane sugar (ingredients I look for), these were really good and surprisingly my favorite was the almond!  Butterscotch was the second one I liked.  Oh wait, I liked them all.  One time I accidentally dropped the entire bar in my coffee (it's a small bar) and that was one good mocha!

There you have it, my goodies from the UK.  XOXO Kelly

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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