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Look! Look! Faces Cosmetics Nail Polish!!! Pt. 1

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

Did you know Faces Cosmetics has a large assortment of nail polishes?  The line has over 150 different colors and each season they add trendy new ones to their collection.  I did get a chance to try a couple of these thanks to Faces Cosmetics themselves. 

Yes, I did receive these really as a thank you for mentioning the Faces Cosmetics eyeshadows.  Funny how karma works!  It is my choice to review these and I chose to do so because this line has polishes that I have to say rarely gets mentioned and really needs a BIG SHOUT OUT !!!!

The nail polish line (looking from the website) consists of three different lines: Nail Enamel in the Art Deco style container; Splash Mini Nail Polish which looks like R2D2 in a top hat; and Limited Edition Nail Enamels.  There is also a mini set of ten colors available at the moment.

The first three I tried are from the Nail Enamel line ($8) which is the Art Deco looking bottle.  The colors are again numbered and I suppose if you don't like the numbering system you can always rename them to something you will remember.
152-I actually like to call this one Sexy Devil because you think it is just a pretty innocent warm red but actually it is a bright rose with thorns!  Okay, not actual thorns, it has golden shimmer to counteract the innocence or coolness of the color.

307-Drunken Grape is what I call this one only because it is a shimmery grape color that eventually if it were a true grape would turn into a fine bottle of wine.  The color is a deep purple but depending on how much light hits it, it can look a wine purple to a deep magenta purple.

357-I have to call this one Krisp Khaki because it isn't quite green yet it isn't quite brown however it has that crispness of a fall leaf turning brown.  Shimmery and gorgeous with a fusion of warm shimmer.  I like this one for the Fall season.

Each of these pictures were taken with just two coats of polish which I found to be opaque enough for me but you can go to three for more saturation and it won't turn thick.  The formula is thin enough to dry quickly yet thick enough to level out itself, leaving a streak free application.  The colors may look similar to other lines but I really can't say they are like others because the polishes have depth and, believe it or not, personality that is different from the other lines.  Therefore, if you are nutty for nail polish, you have to try this line!

This isn't my last post on the nail polishes, I have a couple more but only so many hands which at this time I wished I had more!  The next post will show a set of colors with a completely different feel to them.  :-)

*PR samples.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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