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Tarte Cosmetics - I Think I Found The Perfect Cheekstain and Lipgloss

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

I bought the Tarte QVC TSV a few weeks back because I wanted the Super Fruit Infused Natural Cheek Tint really bad.  I remember having the regular Tarte Cheekstains way back when they first started and noticed now that I didn't have them anymore for some reason.  I think the colors didn't really look good on me.

Luckily, this one turns out to be the perfect one.  Why?  The color looks dewy but not really too frosty and shimmery.  It looks like a skin tone blush color, making my cheeks look like a part of my face and not jumping out of my face.  Whenever, I put colors that I think will look good, they actually end up looking like my butt cheeks and that makes my face look like well you-know-what!  Doesn't make me feel good at all.

This color called The Perfect Rose is really the perfect rose for me-a slightly shimmery warm rose.  I have been using this everyday and found that my makeup routine has become simpler.  I just dot this on my cheeks with my fingers and spread.  The texture is slightly sticky at first which is actually good for my skin because for some reason, I have trouble having color stick on my cheek area properly.  The tackiness does disappear and I am left with a soft natural glowing cheeks.  I don't apply powder on top because I don't want to matte it down, works out fine for me but for you if you can't stand waiting for the creaminess to die down then powder.  There is a scent to this blush which reminds me of a box of Fruit Loops cereal.  I swear every time I put some on my cheeks, I am ready to bite down on this stick!  The smell does disappear fortunately or else I would be hungry all day.

The second item that I am using regularly is the Vitamin Infused Lipgloss in Paradise.  This was also in the QVC kit.  The color is a peach-watermelon pink with gold shimmer, an all around natural color that won't make complexions looked washed out but natural tinted.  It has a slightly fruity sweet scent but nothing overpowering and a texture that may be sticky at first.  However, this is not as sticky as other brands that I have tried that leaves your lips stuck together.  The tackiness is there to stick to your lips then smooths out leaving the texture to settle evenly on the lips.  The gloss is sheer but not as sheer as a no-color look.  The color is apparent and complementary to most skintones.

There you have it, the two Tarte items that I use the most.  I carry these two in my purse all the time and worry that I might need to get a duplicate because if I forget to take them with me, I will go right back home and get them which is not good if it is for a trip.  And, since these colors are QVC exclusives, well I am left at its mercy or Ebay.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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