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Cover FX - The Big Cover Up 3 Step Essentials

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I figured it was time to try Cover FX after trying all the pro brands like RCMA, Joe Blasco, Ben Nye, Kryolan, and Cinema Secrets to name a few.  I opted for The Big Cover Up 3 Step Essentials ($75USD) kit in the M series available at Sephora.  This set includes the following:

  • SKINPREP FX - Nourishing Foundation Primer and Anti-Aging Serum

  • COVER FX - Total Coverage Cream Foundation (3 shades total)

  • SETTING FX - Translucent Setting Powder

  • #170 Precision Foundation Brush with pointed tip

  • HOW-TO Instructional video (DVD)

Skin Prep FX

This is a sample size or mini size which Sephora sells for $8USD.  I would say it is about 2 weeks to a month's worth of use.  This one touts itself not only as a primer but as an anti-aging serum.  Comparing this to other brands that I have tried like Temptu, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, and Cinema Secrets; this one does have the characteristics of a serum.  The formula feels like a skincare serum, a somewhat thick serum that contains silicone to fill in the fine lines and pores on the face.  It dries to smooth colorless finish without adding a heavy primer layer.

This is another primer that I do like because it feels comfortable on the face.  For my normal to dry skin which can also be good for oily skin, this keeps in the moisture without turning into a greasy midday mess.  The only downside to this one is the price for a full size-1oz for $45USD.     

Cover FX Cream Foundation

I bought this in the M series which is for yellow/olive based skin tones.  I believe M20, M40, and M80 are the three colors in this compact.  The full size Cover FX Cream Foundation compacts retail for $42USD.  This is a specially sized compact that also houses the face powder beneath via screw top container which makes it handy for travelling.

I find the three color compact convenient because I can create depth on my face.  The lightest I use as a highlighting color and the darkest I use as a contour color.  To match my complexion (NC20-25) I mix M20 and M40.  I guess if I were to buy the full size I would be about an M30. 

Now, for texture.  Recalling all the pro foundations I have tried.  This one is like a thinned out version of Kryolan DermaColor.  Thinned out doesn't necessarily mean it is less coverage in this case.  Kryolan Dermacolor is a thick and opaque foundation.  (If you tried Dermablend it is similar.)  Cover FX is not as thick but offers coverage with comfort.  Comparing it to RCMA and Joe Blasco, the texture of Cover FX less flexible meaning that it stays on the skin and blending is a bit harder than the oil and pigment mix of RCMA and Joe Blasco. 

I found the best way to apply this is to soften it because straight out of the container I can get too much or too little.  I have more control by using a spatula to scrape some off and either using the back of my hand or steel palette.  (If you don't have a stainless steel palette just go to your local hardware store and get a bathroom tile for about $2USD) to soften the product making it easier to work with.  Once it is softened, a brush or sponge can be used for application.  If a sponge is used, I suggest stippling (bouncing the sponge onto skin) instead of just spreading it out.  Stippling allows coverage and blending and with this type of product the formula works better this way.

Setting FX Translucent Powder

The powder is housed beneath the foundation in this kit.  It contains half the amount of the full size.  It is a talc free powder.  There is a bit of a luminizing glow to this powder which I find perfect for the drabby winter months and not to mention mature skin.  Nothing shiny or shimmery.  If you find your face shiny or shimmery, you have applied too much.  I use a powder brush for a light application to "set" the foundation.  You can also use the powder on its own and it will just give a light diffusing glow.

#170 Precision Foundation Brush

This is one nice brush to have if you don't already have one.  The #170 retails for $36USD.  It is a synthetic brush with a pointed tip.  I do have a similar one by Adesign but the tip is rounded like an asparagus and the hair although synthetic is individually thicker in diameter than the Cover FX.  The Cover FX is made of soft and firmly packed synthetic hair that brings them to a pointed tip allowing easy application along the inner corner of the eyes and nose area.  It will also easily spread and blend in those areas.  Even if you don't use Cover FX, this brush is pretty nice for other foundations also.

How To Instructional DVD

This DVD basically shows how and where to apply the products and gives some testimonials from users who have everything from vitiligo to rosacea.  The best way to learn about these products is to just practice.  Remember, sometimes it isn't the product that is at fault but the fault of the application.  So, practice a bit and you will find that it is very easy to use.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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