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Peter Thomas Roth Illuminating High Definition Moisturizer

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

For the past year I would say that I have been playing with various foundations from pro to regular brands, from sheer to complete coverage, from liquid to creams, and from stippling to airbrushing. 

I do like playing with foundation just to see what kind of canvas it would provide for the skin.  But when it comes to something quick and natural for just my own skin, I generally apply colored cosmetics on a simple prepped face of concealer and face powder.  Lately, though, I had been wanting more of a luminous finish but nothing really too shimmery or even frosty.  I wanted just a healthy looking glow without the obvious color of a foundation.  Peter Thomas Roth's Illuminating High Definition Moisturizer ($48USD for 1.7oz) fit the bill.

I bought this from Apothica which happens to be an excellent store with great CS.  If you haven't ordered from them, try the site.  MUA20 gives you 20%off its site and the sister sites.  And, I do believe they ship internationally.  Anyway, I got this moisturizer last month and I am loving it.  The container is one of those fancy-equipped brush type tube which is not really useful because it can streak upon application.  I suggest just dotting it on the face and spreading with fingers or sponge.  There is really no actual skin tone color just a glow which reminds me of the Prada skincare line with its glow only tinted moisturizer.  In fact, this is similar to that but I find the formula a bit more moisturizing yet not as much compared to other moisturizers.

Can you use this as a primer?  Yes, since it contains silicone however if you want one with some slickness, this one won't have it.  If you don't like the silicone slip yet like having some silicone in your product for some ease of application then this would work.  I do use this in place of foundation with just a touch of powder and find it just right in terms of not feeling heavy on the skin or greasy after a long day.  There is no coverage and it isn't made to offer any color or coverage but it can actually be mixed with silicone based foundation and concealers to give them a luminizing effect.

I have no real negative issues with this product but for those of you who like your sunscreen with your moisturizer, then this is the downside of this product.  I prefer my sunscreen separate from my makeup products.

Is this product as much alike as the emperor's new clothes?  For some I would say it is if you are used to wearing foundation and want coverage.  But if you are a makeup minimalist or someone who doesn't like to wear foundation and wants a bit of glow to the skin without looking like a shimmery disco ball, then let the people think you are naturally bestowed with a glowingly naked complexion.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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