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Those Damn Women on Mad Men

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

The fourth season of Mad Men has been over for a few weeks and I miss having my weekly immoral rants over manhoor Don Draper.  However, this isn't about Don but the women that are influenced by his charm, talent, and insecurities-Joan Holloway, Peggy Olson, Betty Draper (Francis), and Faye Miller.

Joan Holloway has evolved from a sultry head secretary from season one to a captain that runs a tight ship on the fledgling company Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in season four.  She is so good that not even Miss Blankenship could stop the boat!  Makeup wise, her look has evolved too.  The once innocent (who isn't that innocent) looking polished secretary look has turned into a more confident womanly look.  The eyes especially have gone from a soft simple eye to a more defined and sometimes smoky one. 

Peggy Olson who is actually my favorite character because she has balls but isn't sure yet of her own talent. Hasn't strayed much from her look but is in the phase of experimenting thanks to the influence of the Greenwich crowd.  From the shy secretary of season one with little to no makeup to a copywriter that wants more, her makeup is still has that innocence and is slowly adding some color.  Once in a while she will wear a light whisper of like blue or green but she mostly stays away from anything too made up, for now.

Betty Draper (now Betty Francis) was the perfect housewife for Don.  The image of beauty and naivete in the first season was reflected by the look of soft eyeliner and makeup.  For the fourth season her look has become heavier in the eyeliner and lashes but the rest is still soft.  Although, I like to see Betty with a bit more makeup, I think she still lacks the confidence or doesn't know she has the confidence of a woman yet.  She still is daddy's little girl stuck in a woman's body.

Faye Miller the new character for season four and probably one of the most educated woman Don has dated.  With a PhD to her name, I guess that gives her the right to wear the most makeup.  Her look is heavy on the eyeliner and bold on the lips.  A look that can be intimidating to other woman and men but obviously beneath that mask lies a woman as soft as a pillow as Don found out. :p

For each of these women, the path to Don Draper is the ad agency but what will happen after?  As I see it, Joan will probably adopt a couple of Vietnamese children and run a charity to benefit the war veterans.  Peggy will probably fall in love, marry, and have a child but eventually her true love will be her work.  She will be one of the most influential business woman of the 1980's, a woman that runs her own company.  Betty will be taking several happy pills before she finds that she can be a woman of her own but before that, she will realize Sally is a lush.  And last but not least, Faye.  I expect her to burn her bra and stand up to equal rights for women.  Eventually, she will turn her protests to teaching and become a college professor, spreading her influence amongst the young.

So which Mad Woman are you?  Are you Joan? Peggy? Betty? Or Faye?  Check out Into The Palette for the Joan Holloway tutorial.

*Mad Men pictures courtesy of AMCTV.com.
*Special Thanks to Grace London for her pix.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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