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Vegan Gel Eyeliners by Sobe Botanicals

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Sobe Botanicals is an indie company that sells mineral makeup and also came out with Walk the Line Gel liners ($7.99USD).  Yes, they are vegan and they are not the liquid type, they are gel type, actually more of a silicone cream base type.

I bought these during the summer hoping to use them then but for some reason my summer was a bit lazy when it came to makeup-the heat just fried my brain.  Now, that it is winter I decided to become reacquainted with them.  I bought three colors:  Champagne-amber gold; Fuzzy Navel-coral peach; Absinthe-leafy green.  Champagne and Fuzzy Navel have a light shimmer to them while the Absinthe is more on the solid cream side.

First, and foremost, I am not a vegan.  I am a makeup junkie.  I like to try brands whether they are vegan or not.  Curiosity is why I try brands and leave their ethical stance aside. 

These liners I really can't say are gel liners nor can I say they are eyeliners.  I find their textures are similar to NARS cream shadows but with none of the greasy feel.  They are silicone based and are smooth to the touch.  I use them more as eyeshadows or even an eyeshadow base/primer because they do smooth out the eye area and give color at the same time.  However, I couldn't get a really smooth and pigmented application without it streaking so I suggest patting it on a bit like a concealer to allow the color to rest onto the eye area evenly.  Once I got a somewhat pigmented application, I had to top it off with a powder shadow for lasting power.  Application of just this product would disappear or fade, applying a corresponding shadow powder allowed the colors to stay put.  This is why I couldn't get them to work as eyeliner because they weren't pigmented enough alone.

Do I like these?  Believe it or not, I do because there are times when my eyes get sensitive for no reason and wearing makeup that becomes budge-proof becomes uncomfortable or irritating.  Then there are days when I just want something simple and these do the job.  They come in little screw top containers which won't dry out the product.  These products do not irritate and like many vegan or organic lines, they feel good on the skin.  These contain no dyes or parabens.  If you like a soft and sheer wash of color or have sensitive eyes, I suggest giving these a try.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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