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Dianne Brill Eyeshadows: Eye Lingerie - African Violet Lace and Le Rouge Lace

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I recently obtained two eyeshadows by Dianne Brill or as they are called "eye lingerie" from Apothica  First, the basics.  The box they come in resemble a matchstick box and even has the strip to light matches but no match came with it so no fire hazard there.  The container comes with the usual mirror but no applicator.  The size of the pan is the same as the average round large one, if you ever depotted this then it should fit into the palettes that house this size.  The price is a bit steep at $27USD.

I bought two colors African Violet Lace and Le Rouge Lace.  African Violet Lace is described as electric violet/espresso dual tone and Le Rouge Lace as red satin with a burst of bronze.  The descriptions makes them sound so intriguing.  The African Violet Lace is an lilac brown.  I don't really see it as duochrome but then it says dual tone and not duochrome; it doesn't really flash a different color.  However, after a day of wear, I found the color of the lilac sits on top of the soft neutral brown, kinda like frosting on a cake.  Is this what dual tone is?

The Le Rouge Lace is a red. You know I have a weakness for red eyeshadows, this is why I bought this one.  I tried to find reviews for it but nothing.  I really can't see a burst of bronze in this one, I would say it is more of a warm red with no gold in it.  For me, it is a tame red even though the picture doesn't show it to be that way.  It is a soft red which I can wear in the daytime with other neutral eyeshadows.  Nothing outrageous which may be good for some of you who want to try a "wearable" red.  I couldn't say this would suit all skin tones but it certainly a soft red.

Like I mentioned, the price is steep at $27USD which is about the same as other designer brand shadows.  The texture is really and I mean really nice!  I guess this sort of makes up for the price.  They glide on like silk satiny lace, thus making them eye lingerie.  The formula feels like a creamy powder and applies like one.  Nothing dry looking about these eyeshadows.  The colors are anywhere from very sheer to opaque depending on the method of application, use a soft brush for sheerness and your finger for maximum color.  No matter how much you put on if you find you need to blend, they will so easily.

I guess you could say I like the texture of these shadows, they do have that easy-to-work with texture that really makes me forgive the actual price of the products.  If you ever run into these eyeshadows, at least, try one if you haven't already!

Disclosure:  Items were obtained by means of sponsorship for PR purposes. 

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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