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Indie-Pendence Post featuring Classy Minerals

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Once in a while I will feature an indie cosmetic company.  I am all for the indie brands because they have heart and soul in their products that you can't find in large brands.  This post I feature Classy Minerals.  This is a small mineral line with great customer service.  And, yes great products.

Honestly, I wasn't looking to buy any minerals.  I started out looking for this chubby blender brush ($9.95USD).  This is one great synthetic hair brush that isn't stiff or wiry, just soft and densely packed making it quite luscious.  It works great with creams, powders, liquids, whatever, and buffs and blends blush, foundation, bronzer all in one swipe.

Of course, I couldn't just order the brush after looking at the eyeshadows which retail for $3.49USD, I had to order some.  If you are looking for wearable colors for the workplace and into the night life then Classy Minerals has several.  The ones I bought were the following:

  • Antiquity-shimmer mossy green with metallic gold sheen
  • Barely Nude-Soft, light, shimmering pink beige
  • Bubblegum-looks bubblegum pink but when buffed a bit of soft candy orange appears
  • Beige Bling-medium neutral brown but when foiled the green and metallic finish appears
  • Black Magic-gunmetal grey that leans towards blue with multidimensional shimmer
  • Bright Eyed-matte yellow to open up the eyes or conceal redness
  • Bubbly-warm champagne beige with gold bubbles (sparkles)
  • Champagne Glimmer-satin peach beige base with glimmering glints of silver
  • Very Coral-looks shimmery coral pink in jar but when buffed or foiled a bit of hot tamale red appears (makes a great lipcolor too)
  • Frappuccino-soft purple/brown with a silver metallic sheen (must have for everyone)
  • Opal Beige-soft pale pink with icy beige finish
  • Shimmering Sands-sandy beige with glints of gold glimmer
  • Sunrise-pretty and ethereal; sherbet orange with lavender/pink glow
  • Sunset-metallic peach with blazing gold glimmer

Here are two of my favorites Antiquity and Frappuccino which I used with the Stay Put Gel drops that I got as a sample.  It can be used as an eyeshadow and face primer.  The gel is clear and has a slight sticky texture, just enough for the minerals to stick, and it neither feels tight or dry.

Last but not least, I bought a foundation (prices start at $5.99USD).  Let me just say I am not crazy about any mineral foundation because I never found one that matched my skin, looked good, and felt comfortable.  I honestly didn't expect to like this one but I LOVE IT!!! And that is pretty hard for me to say.  I will tell you why I like this.  It is a "liquid" mineral.  It contains just enough liquid which is .5% to bundle the 99.5% of the minerals together but stays a powder.  This actually helps me because it stays on my skin.  It also doesn't feel dry or cakey.  I bought the Olive Beige (NC-20-25) which happens to be a pretty good match if not perfect.  And, for the first time with a mineral foundation, I actually got compliments!  I set it with the Organic Hydrating Spray which is pretty nice and soothing.

That was my Classy Minerals haul. A haul that started out with finding the perfect synthetic brush but ended up with great eyeshadows and a holy grail mineral foundation.  If you haven't tried this line, I suggest you do because not only are the products lovely, the customer service is fantastic.  The line does ship internationally for $12.95USD International Priority Mail and sends within the U.S. for $3.25 First Class.  As with all indie brands, the turn-around-time may be longer than the usual big brands since the staff is small.  But you get great products with a lot of heart, soul, and love mixed into them!

Just to mention I am not affiliated with this company.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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