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Make Up Brushes that I Have Been Using

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I decided to do a post on the brushes that I have been using regularly for the past year with the exception of the chubby blender brush which I recently added.  Also, I understand that measurements sometimes can't really give you that idea of how big a brush really is so here they are in one picture.

  • Ve Neill Buffer Brush ($48USD)-This is a must have brush.  I know it is a pricey one but it is well made.  It will buff and blend creams and/or powders around the eyes and other small areas with precision.  This brush is so important especially if you are a mature woman and can't stand the cakiness that occurs when you set your concealer with powder around the eyes.  As my mum said, "This is a magic wand!"

  • Chubby Blender Brush ($9.95-$28USD)-This is one of the most versatile brushes for almost any type of makeup texture.  Just like the Ve Neill's buffer brush, this one does the large areas of the face.  I like it because it is synthetic and it is not round.  You know how round brushes feel great in the hand but once you use it, it isn't densely packed in the center.  This one is densely packed and does what a round brush does but faster.  

  • Cover FX #160 Cream Foundation Brush ($38USD)-I waited over 2 years to get this brush!  That is how long my lemming waited to buy this soft brush.  I should have bought it sooner because like the Chubby Blender Brush, this is versatile also.  This one was actually made for stippling the Cover FX cream foundation.  It does work great with it but I prefer to use it for powders especially mineral makeup.  Shortness of the hair and the density allows for fast application and blending at the same time.  Not a mineral makeup user, use it for blushes and yes cream blushes.  The only gripe that I do have is that it gets dirty pretty easily. 

  • Sephora Platinum Powder Brush #50 ($38USD)-Of all the powder brushes, this is the one I go back to because it is synthetic and fluffy just like natural hair brushes.  I prefer the synthetic because it washes and dries quickly.

So there you have my all time favorite face brushes.  I do wish that all of them could be synthetic ones.  I am not a vegan or anything but with the advancement of technology in manufacturing synthetic hair, brushes don't have to be made of animal hair.  Synthetics are now made as soft and fluffy as squirrel hair.  However, they can be as pricey as natural.  The only two problems I have with synthetics are that they don't come in as many shapes especially eyeshadow brushes and some synthetics just lack quality whether it is the hair or the glue that keeps them together.  However, someday I hope that I will have a complete set of synthetic brushes that are the right price and quality!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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