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The Beauty Encyclopedia by ELF - Neutrals Edition for Eyes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

As I write this post medicated with cough syrup, you might think that I did not review this product with a clear mind.  Well, being medicated just means I am in a relaxed state but I still know a crappy product.

This is the E.L.F. Beauty Encyclopedia Neutrals Edition, I got this as a Christmas present from somebody who obviously doesn't know make up that well.  Anyway, I found it funny that on the cover it tells me how to pronounce "eye" as though I would pronounce it "aieee" like a banshee.  Cute cover though!  This is a book of neutrals which look quite gorgeous.  The colors are matte ivory peach, sparkling peach, satin light taupe, sparkling mocha brown, sparkling neutral medium brown, satin orange brown, dark brown, shimmer plum, medium warm brown, shimmer bronze, grey, and purple.  Comes with a duo-ended sponge tip and a brown pencil.  Yes, they sound like the perfect set of neutrals but boy are they disappointing.

In the pictures I show the natural tone of my skin which is pretty light and you can see that the eyeshadows and the pencil hardly have any pigment.  I used no flash for these for if I did, you would probably see nothing.  I used my finger to get these swatches and let me say it wasn't a simple to get them this pigmented, oh and I did apply Urban Decay's Primer Potion to allow the color to show up better.  The texture at first may feel smooth and creamy for a powder, but it clumps and has to be rubbed to spread evenly onto the skin to get color.  With a brush you can start crying if you want pigment because it will take you forever.  The pencil it came with can give you splinters if you don't carefully sharpen it and it is not lashline friendly; it hurts to apply.

What do I think about this palette?  I hate it!  I remember the hoopla over the holidays over this palette and I ignored it.  I would not have it if it weren't a gift.  I am sure E.L.F. has great products for every product in a drugstore line or every cosmetic line isn't completely bad.  This one is just a weak product.  If you have tried many pro brands, this encyclopedia is not even something to play with.  The only people I can recommend it too are kids starting out in makeup or people who are makeup-phobes.  Other than that, this is taking up space and it is going in the "good-bye" bin of Spring cleaning.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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