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Indie-Pendent Post - High Voltage Cosmetics - The Eyeshadows

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

A few posts back, I did a post on the Lip Candy, with that order I did get some eyeshadows.  These eyeshadows vary in price $5-6USD for a jar that is packed full (stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey) with highly pigmented color.  I bought 9 jars of color.  Actually 6 and 3 were free on a special deal.  I mostly ordered shadows from the Danger, Danger! High Voltage! collection and a few from the regular collection.

What I find different about these pigments from the other brands is that these have wax in them, not enough to really see or feel.  But I find the wax helps in the adherence of color.  If you are new to loose shadow powders or not too skilled in their application, these are ones to try.  The colors are also easy to blend into one another.  Of course, for more punch of color or for the ones that contain sparkle, a sticky eyebase and/or eye primer is recommended.  Foiling (applying wet) can be done and the pictures will show some variation.  However, I don't find foiling necessary to get the pigmented effected.  The pictures will show some variations of color when applied dry and foiled.  There really isn't much of a difference for some and for others, the sparkle shows up better dry.

For the following pictures the jars are taken with and without flash which are labeled.

  • Circuit Breaker-powdery blue with a gleam of gold with some copper to it. 
  • Electric Shock-purple grey with a metallic finish of what can look like antique gold.
  • Mega Watts-not completely red or magenta yet has both qualities to make it cool and warm at the same time.

  • Overdrive-this was suggested to me by a High Voltage addict on Twitter.  Yes it is orange but with a copper gold tone.  Pretty!!
  • Power Outage-A beautiful green/gold derived from a deep grey/blue base.
  • Secrets & Lies-this is from the regular collection and it is something.  A royal blue with tinges of purple. 

  • Spiked Stilettos-looks mauve but looks like a khaki brown with some pink mauve tones.
  • Synth Pop-has that blue/lavender/purple personality.
  • Voltage-dark green/gold with a touch of neutral.  Makes a great eyeliner.

Owner Jasmine asked me what were my favorites and I told her they all were.  It is so hard to choose a favorite when all the colors are so great.  But I do have to say that there are two that I can't get enough of and I did an eye look. (Nothing spectacular but just wanted to showcase the colors.)  The two colors I used are Secrets & Lies and Overdrive.  Overdrive is on the lid and goes around the inner corner.  Hard to see but let me say the royal blue/purple and orange is a combo perfect for Spring!  If you have dark brown eyes like me Secrets & Lies is one color that will make them pop!  Gorgeous!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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