Ulta Eye Crayons

I bought these at Ulta Eye Crayons when they were on sale or either when there was a free gift.  I forget because these aren't memorable pencils.  The colors I bought were White Wedding-frosty white; Birthday Girl-frosty warm pink; Rich-shimmery forest green.

DISAPPOINTING. I should have listened to my inner wisdom that said, "Skip these, you ain't gonna like 'em."  I wasted $8USD for each of these crayons which isn't exactly chump change when you add how many I bought which is three.  I could have bought a semi-high end product.

Formula isn't great meaning they slide and glide and smear like algae on an inner tube.  I don't know what the ingredients are but I would say there is silicone and probably nylon-12 for that smoothness which isn't necessary because upon application it can clump up.  Pigment is okay, more of a frosty finish.  The green one, Rich, is shimmery and pretty but it fades after about 30 seconds.  No richness there!

There is nothing I really like about this pencil.  Oh, I forgot to mention the sponge applicator at the end to help blend but actually it doesn't.  It feels hard and scratchy and makes the color skip like I should have done with this purchase.

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