Thursday, April 28, 2011

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A Chance to Win a $250 Gift Card by Telling The World How Beautiful Your Mom Is

We all know how wonderful our mums are and with Mother's Day coming up why not tell everyone via the Beautiful Mom contest sponsored by SkincareRX?  Here is your chance to receive a $250 gift card.  Just post a comment on the SkincareRX website via any of the Beautiful Mom words planted in this post.  Any of them will take you to the contest site.  Once there, post why your Mom deserves the $250 gift card.  The best entries will receive the grand prize of a $250 gift card AND if you are a runner up, you will get some nifty prizes too.  So what are you waiting for? 

Entries open to all of my readers and others who see this post.  Yes, this means international readers also.  Deadline for entries is May 5th.  Winners will be announced May 6th.  Good luck to you all and I wish you Moms and all your Moms one of the Happiest Mother's Day!!!

I love my Beautiful Mom!!! xoxox

Disclosure: the link above is an affiliated link

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