I Hate to Bore You Again but Have To

I never expected to get many comments/reactions to my MakeUp Shit List post and I appreciate all of them.  I know blogging is a fairly new media outlet and how the many cosmetic brands deal with this medium will be interesting to see.  I would like to emphasize that I am not picking on any particular blog or YouTube Guru.  I am just stating that if a cosmetic company publicizes so much about their product via the popular outlets and leaves just the regular consumer in a shit hole when it comes to service, then I think that brand needs to rethink where their business practices are.  After all, it is the product that you are selling and only so much publicity will work unless you have the budget to publicize and tempt the consumer enough into buying it.  And, this leaves me to question, how important is the image of the product to you?  As one of my friends say, "eyeshadow is just pressed tablets of talc, what can be so different?"

In a way he is right, how can a pressed tablet of powder or even loose be so different?  The ingredients are basically the same or the outcome is the same, to apply color upon the eyes or wherever.  Isn't this the same as saying every chocolate cake is the same and what is important is to eat it?  The recipes are basic but what changes are the tweaks and the personality put into them. 

I can see how a prettily packaged product will capture more attention than the screw top container of pigment.  Add to that a great spokesperson, a fantastic editorial spread and you have a fantasy that envelopes a part of your brain that awakens the bored sensory nerves.  All of the sudden you feel something different.  Maybe, if you buy this product you will feel better, more beautiful and that gorgeous dream guy or whoever will notice you.  Of course, these are just basic scenarios that awaken when gazing at a product of beauty but does it do all that? 

I can't say it does or doesn't but I know that buying the image can make one feel better or worse depending on some factors but I don't see anything wrong with it.  After all we are highly evolved humans who need stimulation.  We don't grunt or growl for our food anymore; we have to see, hear, feel, touch, smell, and even taste our cosmetics!  And, what you pay for is your business.  If you are willing to pay $100 for that eyeshadow and feel fabulous, then you got what you paid for.  If you feel like a million bucks with that $2 blush you bought-FABULOUS! 

But what about the brands who don't have the budget to publicize?  Thanks to the internet and for a somewhat oldie like me who only grew up with the big named brands, seeing the indie lines is like a kid in a candy store-so many choices.  Independent cosmetic companies were more of a fantasy way back than reality.  How could they have competed in a world without the internet?  And after trying various indie lines, I have to say their products are stellar and can make one forget about the big ones!  That is until I see an ad for the vibrating lipstick that brings a climatic experience to the lips with their secret sexual ingredient that attracts the man-of-your dreams within the 30 days of purchase.

So, as I get farther away from what I was trying to say in the first place.  Cosmetics have the basic formula but nowadays, the personality behind them whether impersonal or personal can be bought.  All products are not the same, every product is different whether it be the color, the name, the pigmentation, etc.  What makes a person spend is trying to find items that will suit their personality at that time.  Will the person ever find those?  Sure, I have but then I get bored and search for more.  And, as I was saying, as I continue my search if your personality turns me off, then so does your product!

Post Script

I know some of you are wondering why I didn't name the companies on my MakeUp Shit List.  As an actor/friend once told me, "Don't ever mention who you hate because someday you will most likely meet them and/or end up working with them.  The circle is very small."

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