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I Won DuWop Makeup!

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

This is a set of DuWop cosmetics that I won from Apothica (thanks to this post) consisting of a set of Crush Eyeshadows-18 Carat, Keep Blushing-peach, Private Red DuWop lipstick, and Lip Venom. 

Crush Eyeshadow 18 Karat ($18USD)-I had heard raves about this product and now I know why.  If you ever wanted that metallic foiled look without the hassle of applying an eyeshadow wet, these shadows will do it dry.  They have a high shine metallic finish that glide on with minimal effort.  The colors in this set are more of a light wearable bunch-tangerine, copper, beige.  Nothing loud in color but heavy on metallic sheen.  I wore all the colors to show how it catches the light but would choose one or two as an accent eyeshadow.  These wake up any eyeshadow rut!

DuWop Crush Eyeshadow in 18 Karat and Keep Blushing Blush in Peach

Private Red Lipstick ($21.80USD)-This is a red color that adjust to each person's skin tone.  The lipstick itself feels smooth with a nice sleek texture that isn't thick nor heavy.  It does have a flavor/scent that reminds me of Sweet Tarts candy.  There is no sting to this lipstick at all.  The red that shows up on my lips goes towards a cool magenta red.  I tried this on my mother and she gets a slightly deeper and warmer red.

DuWop Private Red Lipstick and 18 Karat eyeshadows

Keep Blushing ($22USD)-This, I noticed is a new blush.  Water resistant and long-wearing it comes in two colors-rose and peach.  I got the peach which looks kind of pink.  It is a pink/peach with golden shimmer.  I actually thought this was, eh but it makes a nice natural glow of soft color.  Smooth and easy to apply, works well on mature skin tones and youthful ones who wish not to look like a clown.  The only downfall of this blush is that it is powdery, a swipe of the blush gets a collection of dust in the pan.

Lip Venom ($15.80USD)-You pretty much know what this is.  I have saved it for the summer months to cool me down a bit.  Yes, the burning lips cools me down.  The first time I bought this item, I was addicted to it because it contained the two ingredients that I like in candy form-cinnamon and wintergreen.  I will try to handle my addiction this time.

There you have it, a set from DuWop that is great for the Spring weather.  Thank You to Apothica and DuWop!!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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