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Fringe Amber Nail Polish - Frankened Polish

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

Picture courtesy of fringefiles.com

Yes, another post on my frankened nail polish.  Ever since I bought these ManGlaze Franken Juggs, I find myself thinking about my next original color creation.

Season 3 of Fringe is winding down which really makes me sad because I will have no new episodes to watch until season 4 in September.  With that thought in mind, I had to make another polish influenced by the show and the one I created is Fringe Amber.

Amber is the substance Walternate created to prevent his universe from collapsing.  People are stuck in it like mosquitoes encased in amber, they can be removed and resuscitated but that is a long and complicated story that I won't go into. 

The color of the polish is not gold, orange, or yellow.  It is the best lightly shimmered amber I could franken with the colors I had.  I used many different colors and two of the colors I used were China Glaze Solar Power and Silver Lining.  I was going to leave out the silver bits but thought they represented the people stuck in it.

I actually like this color because it has that neutral touch which gives colors to the nails without screaming color.  If this polish existed in the Fringe Division, it would be a mandatory part of the wardrobe!

Fringe Amber nail polish under different lights: (L to R) natural indoor, outdoor, under indoor lights no flash

There you have it, another Fringe influenced nail polish.  Hope you liked it. 

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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