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My Thoughts About Blogging And What It Takes To Be on My MakeUp Shit List

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

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I have been blogging for what about a year and a half almost 2 in June or July.  You see how much I pay attention to my blogversary? LOL  I started this blog because I basically got bored writing reviews on another website that I used to frequent. 

I deleted the majority of the reviews there because they weren't MAC or some other big line that populates the posts on that site.  I probably started my blog really late compared to other makeup junkies.  I just didn't think I could blog because I failed writing in my diary when I was young.  I also didn't want to bore anyone which I am probably doing with this post anyway.

When I first started blogging, I didn't know a damn thing.  Naive again at an age where I should be wise and withstand humility but no, I was back to the days of junior high and high school.  Popularity was the key and to be in that clique would be awesome.  So I thought.  What was I doing to myself?  My blog is about what I buy and not about some megaphone to capture the attention of companies to send me products.  I NEVER EVER STARTED THIS BLOG TO GET THINGS FREE.  In fact, I was so naive that I didn't know companies did that because I thought their budgets are usually catered to magazine editors. 

I have bought most of the stuff I have reviewed and the stuff I haven't well you see the disclosure.  I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST PEOPLE WHO GET STUFF FROM PR TO REVIEW.  Do I consider those people that do lucky? At first I did but as I started blogging, it is hard work also.  And, the people that get stuff had "worked" on their blog.  Don't think for a minute that once that stuff is received that you can keep it without saying a word.  That stuff needs to be reviewed and posted on the blog which means sacrificing time out of your real life.  And sometimes, sacrificing is hard when one is not in the mood to blog.  That is where many blogs just begin to slow down.  I don't blame people who just quit.  The virtual world may exist without you but to be in it, you need to give your time.  Life is hard now with two worlds!

Like I said, I have bought many of the stuff reviewed.  Let me say, I have never put myself in dire debt to buy these products nor have I robbed a bank to buy them.  I stay within my means.  When I have bought things, I never tell the company who I am or whether I have a blog for special treatment.  (Again, I am not saying everyone does this and I have nothing against people who do.)  In fact, I order under another name.  I want to know how they treat a regular customer.  There are some who know who I am, they have figured it out from the reviews.  I never expect anything special from them the next time I order nor do I ask.  I am a customer first and they are a business which I respect.

However, there have been some brands that I wished I could give them my fist due to the awful treatment and service.  I won't name names because I am not one to use my blog as a weapon.  Just my philosophy but they do end up on my "MakeUp Shit List".  Here are some of my peeves.

  • Don't brag about your product via big blog/magazine/YouTube guru only to treat a regular customer like shit when they have a question about your products or the order that was paid for 2 weeks ago.  A customer buys your product and your survival depends on your customer and their repeat business not the many tweets of publicity on a big blog/magazine/YouTube guru.  I have a blog too but you don't know that.  I know how much you like attention more than customers buying your stuff.  I bought your products but personally I don't want to WASTE ANY OF MY TIME GIVING YOU A REVIEW ON MY BLOG.  You're on my "MakeUp Shit List".

  • There are some brands that don't give a shit about this small blog.  (Don't ask me to explain this.) I thought you liked attention but I see only BIG attention for the BIG EGO product of yours.  Fine, I liked your products but one less line I can give my attention to on my blog.  More free time for me.  You're on my "MakeUp Shit List".

  • I am a customer first and I have the internet.  Via Google I see that my order isn't being fulfilled because suddenly there are many reviews of your products.  Obviously, you are busy fulfilling the orders of the big bloggers and/or YouTube Gurus first.  And, usually that stuff is gratis.  I paid for my order and your service.  Now, I see it sucks.  You are on my "MakeUp Shit List".

Those three are the ones that get to me.  I eventually do get the stuff I ordered but with the treatment I had received, I don't even want to use it.  I keep thinking it will be cursed or bring bad karma. (LOL)  I just don't feel comfortable and end up giving the stuff away.  I also never order from them again.  Does it have an effect on them?  Who knows?  But, at least, I am not wasting my time with them.  However, don't think for a minute that all cosmetic companies are bad.  There are some that have gone out of their way to accommodate any little problem or question that I have had.  I appreciate those that do because every customer has a mouth and that mouth can spread a good word quickly which is better than a bad one!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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