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NARS Cosmetics - Midsummer Dream Kit

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog.*

I bought this kit for $47 minus 20% during the Sephora Friends & Family sale.  I had strayed from NARS for awhile and thought it would be nice to try it again.  This kit consists of a highlighting duo Hungry Heart, mini multiple Orgasm (yes, the jokes are there), and the nail polish Adelita.     

Generally, it is a set put together because of its similarity in color characteristics-the golden glow.  Hungry Heart duo (only full size item) consists of sheer golden ivory with gold sparkles and a sheer sandy pink with golden sparkles.  The multiple Orgasm is a sheer peachy pink with gold shimmer, and the Adelita nail polish is a very sheer golden/pink flecked polish with some green sparkles. 

I can't say that I am ecstatic over this kit  because I only like one out of the three products.  What am I not thrilled with in this trio? 

The nail polish Adelita is okay.  I knew when I put three coats on my thumb that I wasn't willing to do the rest of nails in this color.  That is why you only see the thumb.  I see this as a topcoat with some flair.  Anyone who isn't into polish but just wants something more than a clear coat would like this one.  For me, I just don't find it thrilling as a polish or a topcoat.

The mini multiple in Orgasm is not as climactic as I thought.  I had in the past a collection of multiples but had to part with them because they ended up smelling rancid like Durian fruit.

If you are not familiar with durian, just jog 5 miles in intense heat then smell and gnaw on your socks!  Yeah, I couldn't stand to have that smell on my cheeks so I ended up throwing my collection away.  A mini one would be enough for me to use but I realized I wasn't thrilled with the texture.  Like the big multiples, it still has that silicone slip to it.  Color is always sheer because when blended, the formula tends to sheer the color into oblivion unless it is piled on.  When I do this, I accidentally smear it when I touch my face lightly.  Not an item I use anymore.

The Hungry Heart duo is a pair of sparkly highlighters.  Although, in the pan they look like to distinct colors, on the skin there really isn't much of difference as you see in the swatches.  This is the only product I like.  I can use this as eyeshadow or on top of other eyeshadows for a quick sparkly change.  I can use it as a highlighter on cheeks.  But mostly, I use this on my neck, chest, and body during the warm months for just that sparkle in the brief stint in the sun (you know from indoors to car).

This set is now discontinued but the products can be bought individually in full sizes.  I should have just bought the Hungry Heart for $39 (USD) but as you know when makeup is sold in a set, it just appears more tempting!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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