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Artisan Naturals - Organic Skincare

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I am not a Spa girl, therefore I like to do a skincare routine that is simple.  I basically cleanse the skin, use a toner/refresher (if I remember) then moisturize.  I have done the entire bit of using this and that turning my routine into what seemed like 20 steps to great skin.  Guess what happened?  I gave up!  I figured I just got bored with the process which is partially true.  The other part, I lost faith in the products which I used and just stopped altogether.  Why waste time on products that don't make you feel good?

So, when Lisa from Beauty Info Zone mentioned Artisan Naturals products to me, I thought to myself, "Okay, another brand that I will probably be excited for the first few days then it will just start to wane."  I received 5 products which obviously is, at the most, a 5 step regimen.  That to me felt like a lot already because I never stuck with that many products for my skincare routine.  Well, it has been a couple of weeks and I haven't strayed and the reason-the products feel good on my skin.

First, the line Artisan Naturals uses certified organic ingredients whenever possible, sourced from small companies which practice sustainability and wild crafting.  That's right, you won't get some big-wig sitting in some fancy office in a high rise building looking at the great scenery and have no clue of his employees.  You get a line dedicated to giving you the best ingredients from workers who have put their faith and soul into them.  This makes the products a very personal line in my view and this may be another reason why I haven't strayed from it.  Here are the products that I have been using.

Tangerine Exfoliating Face Cleanser

Tangerine Exfoliating Face Cleanser ($32USD) is the product I start out with.  You might be thinking an exfoliating cleanser will feel dry.  Not this one, it isn't a sudsy, soapy cleanser; nor is it a thick gooey cream that could leave a film behind.  This one is a non sudsing lotion-like cleanser with little jojoba beads which are round, no rough edges so they won't tear the skin.  These provide a bit of friction allowing a good cleansing of the skin but without the harsh scrubbing.  There is a soft citrus scent but nothing cloying or even artificially candy-like; it smells like a scent nature created.  Nothing drying to the skin with this one nor anything tight after rinsing it off.

Rose & Ylang Ylang Hydrating Face Mask

I have normal to dry skin and do like to use a good mask that will hydrate my skin.  Due to disappointments in the past, masks are one product that I have skipped completely and never even blinked an eye when confronted with them at the cosmetic counter or at a natural food store.  A mask never fit my simple criteria: hydrate my skin.  This Rose & Ylang Ylang Hydrating Face Mask ($28USD) actually does hydrate!

I use this one at least 2x's a week maybe 3, if I feel my skin just doesn't feel right.  Since this one isn't some weird colored mask, I can put this on and not scare the cat.  It goes on pretty clear and most often I forget how long it has been on.  One time I fell asleep with it on and when I woke up, I wondered why my skin felt so moist.  Yep, it was the mask!

Replenishing Toner with Neroli

Toner is something I usually skipped because it just felt like an extra step.  I have noticed though that when I skipped a toner (from boredom of use because it just didn't please me) the moisturizer wouldn't stick properly onto my skin.  This could be just me but when I do use a toner between the cleansing and moisturizer, this would allow my moisturizer to work better and not feel like it is evaporating.  If you have felt this way about your skin, it could be this one little step that is missing.

This Replenishing Toner with Neroli ($22USD) I like because the scent which again isn't anything perfumey or cloying is like a refreshing burst of light moisture.  I not only use this after cleansing but I also use it to set my makeup.  Much nicer than just regular water.  (I actually think it needs to come in a huge size because I like to spray it on throughout the day!)

Essential Nutrients Facial Elixir

Yes, the Essential Nutrients Facial Elixir ($28USD) is the product that gave me googly eyes in which I immediately fell in love with.  This is one product that I can't live without.  You can read more about it here.

Environmental Defense Anti-Oxidant Face Creme

The Environmental Defense Anti-Oxidant Face Creme ($36USD) is a moisturizer I sometimes use alone or in conjunction with the Elixir, really depends on how my skin feels that day.  Lightly scented, again nothing cloying and light in texture which made me doubt its moisturizing ability.  The texture isn't a runny lotion nor is it a thick cream, think of whipped egg whites that keep their stiff peaks-similar.  When applied, the product spreads quickly and easily with no heavy or greasy feeling and yet doesn't feel dry within 2 minutes of application.  I know you have tried those moisturizers with fancy ingredients that feel great upon application but quickly evaporate making you feel dry, then you want to apply more.  Why waste the money or time with that product (which they wanted you to do in the first place)?  This one, the moisture stays and if you find you need a bit more, use it with the elixir which gives it that extra hydrating boost.  And, if you are worried that this will interfere with makeup application, it doesn't.  The formula doesn't pill up or feel slick, it feels like your hydrated skin.

There you have it, my skincare regimen thanks to Artisan Naturals skincare which I am addicted to now thanks to Lisa!  I know some of you are saying, I can't buy the entire regimen but want to try at least one product.  Well, let me help you decide.  Do you hate your cleanser?  Start with the cleanser as an introduction to the line.  After all, cleansing is the first important step to good skincare.  Maybe, you have the perfect cleanser and moisturizer but feel something isn't enough.  Try the toner to bridge the gap between the two products and/or go for the elixir to boost the moisture benefit of your own moisturizer.  Bored with your moisturizer?  Then go for the moisturizer.  Or do you just want to relax? Then get the mask for that DIY weekend pampering.  Or if you find your routine is not making you feel good, then try the entire regimen.  Whatever you choose, I don't think you will be disappointed in this line because every product has that bit of "magic" that makes you feel good!  Don't forget the couponcode for 15% off SP2011 and free shipping on all US orders $75 or more.

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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