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A Fringe-Tastic Frankened Nail Polish-The Day We Died

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

pic from fox.com

Thanks to the ever-most fantastic frankening jar-ManGlaze Franken Juggs ($1.38USD), I have been conjuring up colors like a a mad-scientist which I feel is appropriate for the Fringe theme.

I know, I know, why can't I franken a polish not based on the TV show Fringe?  Because I am obsessed with that show and every time I see the opening credits I think "nail polish".  In the previous post I created the colors based on our universe and over there.  (If you aren't a Fringe fan you won't get this but that's okay, just think a blue and red polish).  This time, the season 3 finale had a different glow or color.  Pretty cool if you ask me, gray, black, blue, violet; all appearing throughout like a lava lamp.  I think I had succeeded somewhat.

ManGlaze Franken Juggs and frankened Fringe Nail Polish-The Day We Died

The finale cliffhanger of Fringe was titled The Day We Died which is also the name of the frankened polish. Yes, past tense.  (This kind of gives you a clue to the show's outcome.) This is a polish with holographic properties reflecting the colors of the opening credits; it has that gray/black base with a slight tinge of violet and blue.  As the lighting changes various blues representing this universe and sometimes a smattering of red which represents the "other" universe appear only to disappear.  To tie the two universes together the silver sparkle, plus other colors to represent next season or the future/past/present.  (However the storyline will be.)  This to date is my favorite franken.

Fringe-The Day We Died: various angles and lighting

close up swatch

******SPOILER ALERT**** Don't go beyond this if you haven't seen the Season 3 Finale

pic courtesy of fox.com and seriable.com

Just let me blather on like an obsessed idiot for a moment.

Usually, I really get irritated by season finale cliffhangers, but this one just made me laugh.  Peter was there pushing apart both Walters, telling them he knew hot to fix the problem, then POOF-Gone! Disappeared at the critical time just like a dropped call from a frustrating big name cell-phone service.  Excellent timing!  

I can't wait for next season because not only will the two universes be showcased but Phillip Broyles has been brought over too.  His wife from the alternate universe is probably going to sh!t bricks since he died (killed/murdered).  And who knows, maybe Broyles will find love again with his alternate wife whom he divorced in this universe life.   Sound confusing? Yeah, time travel is always a puzzler but so interesting!   The wait for fourth season of Fringe is sometime in the Fall which sounds like a long ways away, in the meantime I will be frankening more polish!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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