I Am Addicted to Crack-le

This is a quick post of the collection of crackle polishes I have accumulated.  I still think crackle polish looks better in pictures than in real life.  I mentioned the novelty wears off so what the hell am I doing collecting them?

L to R:  OPI Silver Shatter; China Glaze Fault Line, Lightning Bolt, Crushed Candy
I figured if I run into them and the colors I liked were there, then it's a sign to get them.  Example: Katy Perry stuff I never got because the display was pillaged when I saw it, besides  that I already had the black crackle by Barry M.  Then there was the China Glaze which I never found the first time around.  I turned my back on them only to find them right in front of me a few weeks later.  Next, the OPI Pirates of the Carribean stuff was newly displayed at the ULTA I frequented.  Yep, I bought two of the silver crackles.  Then just this Sunday, I went to ULTA again and there was the Sally Hansen display all full of colors.  I bought a few that caught my eye.  Last but not least, the clear polish of crackle called Matt-astrophe by ManGlaze.  This one will make your polish look like an open scab!  Okay, not quite that gruesome, no wait it can if you look here.

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat
ManGlaze MATTE-astrophe & Barry M Nail Effects
That's my collection SO FAR.  I think I have to do a spreadsheet on my nail polish collection soon because I get the feeling I am buying duplicates without even know it.  I also need an Ikea Helmer soon so I can keep the fumes of polish and remover contained.  I am pretty sure I am killing a few of my brain cells as I type!

Sorry, I can't do swatches at this moment but I will soon.

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